violator kush, tips welcome

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  1. hi im a long time smoker of the ganga but never grown before, i got a few violator kush seeds from barneys farm n am gonna have a bash at getting a few baby's going in-doors, so any tips or advice from people who have exp with this would be much appreciated, thank you all and toke on!
  2. Somebody help badger out here & in turn me as well.... got femmed violators above ground [7 days] what should We be ready for.... sorry not trying to hijack your thread BADGER
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    I've got some BF Violator Kush going right now. This is my first time growing this strain, and I currently have some in the final weeks of flowering and some in vegetative growth. I don't have any specific tips, it wasn't difficult to grow, so I guess that's good. I look foreword to smoking it, and testing out the therapeutic potential for my ailments and for recreation.

    I can tell you that I got at least three distinct phenotypes from my package of five femmed seeds. There is one that looks very much like a typical Indica. Short, minimal branching, dense nuggets.

    Another is a very leggy, sprawling plant with very wide internode spacing, and a typical Sativa christmas tree shape, but Indica like buds. Round, dense, and hard, not long and spear shaped.

    Third I got one that looks like a hybrid. Lots of branching, medium height, bush-like plant.

    I run a perpetual garden, so only the first is getting ready to harvest. The leggy one is half way there, and the bush just went into the flowering room the other day.
  4. thanks for the tips comrades, keep them comeing, my seeds are jst germinating, so tips from there will be feally helpful

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