Violator Kush, The Church, The Cheese, and 2bagseed

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  1. what's good grasscity?!?!?!? so i started the 2 bag seed i have a week or so ago? who knows hahah. i ordered some vk the church and cheese from attitude seed bank a couple days ago and i am now just waiting for the arrival of those. for nutrients i will be using fox farm for the three feminized seeds for the bag seed i am using age old nutrients my medium is fox farm soil. i did the two in the ground the other three i plan to have in buckets. anyways here are some pics of the bag seed, dont mind the shittyness had to use my macbook

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  2. new sets of leaves are arriving, btw thanks for love guys!!!! ha not
  3. Bumpity bump for dank omaha weed.
  4. Nice lookin lil guys can't wait to see the turn out
  5. Hows the lil guys doin after those horrible winds yesterday?
  6. they managed to take no damage, i received all my seeds in the mail the other day they are germing now then they are going to be ready, i will post some pics when thse bad bitches sprout! the two bagseed are growing great, they stretch a little at night when the sun is in the west but nothing too bad.
  7. Just curious what were the 2 bagseed from? The weathers not being to cooperative the past couple days huh?
  8. the bag seeds are from some of the headband that was just here not to long ago, and the other one is some random no namers that were really dank, i just germed the other three seeds today, they took a lot longer than i expected them to get here. il post pics as soon as the other three pop out. the bagseeds are doing amazing very bushy nd stout little girls. the weather has been super shitty but this weekend looks a little more promising, sun is in the forecast!
  9. just took some shitty pics, three buckets are where the next three seeds will be. other pics are of the bagseeds the smaller of the two has purp on the inside growth of the leaves from the cold temps lately. lemme know what you guys think

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  10. oh and a little preview of the other legal garden, haha just some veggies.
  11. my seeds need to germ! ahh! being patient sucks!
  12. wow yall are some serious haters! but just threw the seeds into party cups, ill get some pics as soon as the bitches pop out
  13. good lookin plants so far keep it up. i ordered from attitude and got the same ufo church seeds too. my grow is in my signature if you wanna check it out . im subscribing to yours to see how your church strain grows. it was the last of my seeds to germinate. good luck man.
  14. ya, the church somehow freaked out during germination...weird shit. but bagseeds are doing amazing...other guys are just popping up. attachments arent working right now

  15. nice man. I'm gunna sit back and watch from here. sub'd

  16. legit! stop by ill need your guys input on lots im sure, feel free to drop by...hoping to get some pics up soon if the weather permits suppose to be sunny this week so we will see. when its sunny i feel like they grow inches at a time ha...
  17. Nice! Looking good.
  18. I almost ordered me a pack of the vkush. I'm interested to see what she does outdoor. What region are you in?
  19. nebraska, omaha. i hate seeds, i forgot how lame it was to start from seed. tryin to get ahold of some clones right now but theyre kinda priceey....
  20. gunna pull up a chair on this journal the girls look great. im also growing my babies again this year!

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