violator kush, 1st timer

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  1. hi im looking for some advice plz, ive a really basic set up
    ive gt a 600w hps light on 18/6 for veg,
    &12/12 for flowering
    there is 6 little kush baby's in my closet,
    they are in peat free soil,
    6 days old
    jst giving them water

    do i really need any thing else ?
    any helpful tips
    can post pics on request
  2. If you can post some pictures, that'd be dope. What's all in your soil? Do you have any kind of ventilation???? How often are you watering them???
  3. gonna gt a small fan as soon as,
    ive nothing in the soil, gonna add perite vhen moving to bigger pots,
    will post pics 2morrow ,
    watter when top 20cm ov soil is dry
  4. Alright, keep up with that watering don't wanna keep it constantly wet or else the roots won't grow, gotta let it dry out in between....and you should get a little desktop fan, will run you about 5 bucks....really important though. Do you know if your soil has time release nutrients in it or no?
  5. soil is west plus peat free multi purpose compost, it doesnt say about nute release, thanks for the reply by the way

    toke on!
  6. Alright, doesn't sound like a bad soil. Seems pretty basic, which is kinda the way you want to go. No timed nute release is good, most soils like Miracle Gro and Scott's have added nutrients and thats no bueno. Get pics up ASAP and we'll be able to help more!
  7. thanks man,
    check back tomorrow and there will b pics,
    jst checked the soil out, it says it has a base nute supply, which lasts aprox 6 weeks ?
  8. Hm....not sure if that means it has time release nutes or that thats just when the soil runs out of basic nutrients and you have to start feeding....
  9. its when the soil runs out ov basic nutes,
    any other factors you can provide info on would be much appreciated,
  10. Alright, thats what I was leaning towards. Um, how far above the tops of your plants is your 600w HPS?
  11. you'll know if your plants start getting nute burn before you add them.what are you doing for smell?how big is your grow space?
  12. about 1.5 ft above, put my hand over top ov plant n tested for heat
  13. Alright, thats good. Also, is your HPS air-cooled or standard?
  14. kl, grow space is 1 meter by .5 meter square
    2 meter tall
  15. nt gt a system for the smell,
    plenty ov plug ins prob ?
  16. standard hps
  17. With that small of an area, and that many plants, upgrade to an air-cooled HPS ballast. Will save you muchhhhh time in the long run, trust me. I started out with a standard in an area bigger than yours, and ended up crisping my plants to death=( What are you room temperatures and canopy temperatures?
  18. nt taken any temps yet,
    the room feels warm when i go in to water,
    i also have the light running throu a ballast, soz forgot to mention,
    whats the purpose ov the ballast?
  19. The ballast is the thing that produces all the energy and heat and stuff for the lamp.... HID lamps like HPS and MH need ballasts to work, they are too powerful to work light a incandescent lightbulb....but anyways, if its warm in there I would raise your lamp. Better safe then sorry....also, if your ballast has a long enough cord in between it and the lamp, you can move your ballast outside your grow area so that it doesn't heat up your room too much...
  20. soz about the info on the hps, too stoned n inexperienced lol

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