Violation of my religious rights in rehab

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  1. So in June I got sent to rehab. A guy snitched on me for having 9 marijuana plants. When I got there I was told I would have to shave my head or else go back to a holding cell to wait on a longer placement. I told them that it would be against my Rastafari tradition, since I'm Rastafari. Regardless, I let them shave my head so I could get it over with. Later on, they had us go to a christian church service. Therefore, in participating in a christian tradition, that being attending church, and them shaving my head which is against Rasta tradition, not shaving body hair, wasn't that a violation of my rights? Can't I sue them for what they did? :eek:
  2. well they gave you a choice about the hair and you let them, so no violation there, it would have taken longer, and just attending a christian service (im am athiest) is not a violation of your rights. requiring you to participate is though. I would talk to the head doc or whatever and inform him/her of your religion, and its diatary restrctions, that they MUST help you with.
  3. What does shaving your head have to do with having 9 plants?
  4. They told me it would be a violation of probation if I didn't go through with the haircut. We had to participate in the church service. Everyone is part of the group and we went where and did what the staff members said or else we would be in serious violation of the rules.
  5. Supposedly shaving our heads was a way of giving us a "new image of our sober selves."

  6. Oh, I understand now.

    Well, yes, I do agree that your religious rights were violated, as well as your American rights. I'm not sure exactly which, but isn't there an ammendment that protects the right to wear/dress how you want? I don't think it is the first, but I'm sure the first amendment was also violated somewhere.

    Not that the bill of rights even matter anymore though....
  7. I don't know what the "rules" are, but I know at least some of your rights are restricted/taken away when you're in the system. You probably should have a lawyer if you're going to be challenging anybody there, though.
  8. Brb getting a good lawyer.

    I wanna sue the fuck out of this place before the ruling elite completely destroy our rights, lol.
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    I believe it would still be in violation as they practically made him cut the hair or face severe penalties. I'd ask for advice from a lawyer if you seriously want to pursue your violation of religious beliefs.
  10. You have to realize that freedoms like speech, are not absolute. For example, it is illegal to yell FIRE in a crowded, non-burning theater. It will incite a riot/mayhem, which can/will hurt/kill people. This is just one of the restrictions on our freedoms.

    As my PoliSci professor says about our freedoms, "It depends." As a prisoner (not sure about rehab), many of your rights are taken away/restricted.

    Amendment for dressing how you want? :eek: I suggest you go read up a bit before suggesting some rights were violated, it doesn't seem you know much of anything about them.
  11. You voluntarily entered what appears to be a private rehab program that the state is sending you to in lieu of a state run rehab program.


  12. how'd i know i would find you in this religious thread
  13. Like I said, I wasn't sure.

    I just remember my 7th grade teacher saying something about it, but then again that was almost ten years ago.

  14. Seems to be the case.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that going to rehab in general is an option that you choose to accept (with all its consequences) in lieu of going to prison.
  15. There is no need for this now. Don't try to start trouble where there isn't any.
  16. Exactly. Rehab is supposed to give you a second chance, and a clean start.

    Yes, shaving your head is a little extreme, and has a little Military vibe about it, but alot of prisons do this to help stop Headlice and shit.

    The church thing, I dont know, like someone said, if they MADE you participate, then yes they did.

    But making you participate would be monitering you singing Hymms, and making you drink the wine etc. Its rehab, so it is probably Sparkling water, but still the significance and meaning for it, yes.

    Your in the system my friend. Prison mates are beaten and raped everyday, because the guard was paid off, people are also killed everyday in prisons, due to this.

    Yes, its corrupt, and fucked up. But its every government man. Not everyone can sue the system and win.
  17. dont mean to be an asshole, but your argument is completely retarded. wanting to sue someone because they cut your hair and made you go to church is so absurd. These kind of lawsuits are the reason there are so many fucking stupid rules and regulations for EVERYTHING. grow some balls man, you broke the law, i think a haircut and going to church is a pretty easy penalty.
  18. That was not the penalty. The penalty was rehab.

    Not only that, but this is a violation of the first amendment. Freedom to speech, religion, and protest.
  19. Rereading it seems this is a rehab program you voluntarily entered into.

    You can also voluntarily leave.

    Since your entry was voluntary no rights were violated.

    Open and shut deal.
  20. Why does no one realize that when you're under punishment for breaking the law, your rights and freedoms get restricted. Especially when it comes to something that is voluntary - ie. rehab.

    Granted, they should have informed you of the rule, but on the other hand, it is your responsibility to inform them of any special needs, including but not limited to religious needs.

    You chose rehab over what I presume would have been jail or prison, therefore it was you who needed to research what would be required of you and what stipulations they put on you as the patient.

    Sorry bro, you broke the law, you gotta take the lumps.
    They didn't force you to participate in the Church thing, just go to it. They didn't force you into rehab, just suggested it as a second option to jail.

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