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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by edwardvanhalen, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. hey guys the one in front is vio kush and the other two are bagseed

    as you can see the vio kush is by far the best looking and healthiest of the 3
    in a couple weeks or maybe one week i will be transplanting and then she will really take off

    im not sure what im gonna do with the bagseed yet, prolly transplant them into 2 smaller pots until i see if their a bitch or a guy
    my vio kush is a femmed seed so i dont have to worry about it
  2. hey guys i was wondering when do you think i should transplant these into bigger pots
    also the plant in the back right is a bagseed just like the one in the back next to it, but it looks weird, the leaves are fat and huge and one of the leaves look like its been eaten away

    i didnt start nutes yet im going to soon, but whats up with the huge leaves
  3. the big leavs are probibly because it is a diffrent strain(indica)as indica usualy have broder leves.
  4. the VK is an awesome strain!!! Got 1 going right now and to be honest it doesnt look anything like the pics the Barneys displays. Super hardy, great node structure.... just switched from veg to 12/12 today @ 12" and I have atleast 10 nodes super compact. Mine seemed to outgrow the peat pots after about 10 days [made the switch @ 3 weeks]. In 3 gallon pots now and should make the rest of the grow in that.
  5. transplate at the 6th node
  6. ok thanks for the replies guys, so at the sixth node, so you mean when the plant has 6 branch stems or something haha, i should know that but i dont
  7. Yeah the nodes are the sets of branches, while the plant is immature the braches will come at at the same spot (node) on each side of the plant, once your plant matures the branches alternate left, right at each node and that's a how you know your plant is mature.
  8. ok thanks a lot for the help

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