Vinyl Record Art

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  1. Any blades have any stencil vinyl records? Cool way of Recycling old unwanted vinyl into something nice.

    My buddy did both of these

    marley one has a chip on account of i dropped it (right on the edge of all places)


    and here's a cool vid i found

    [ame=]Lapse - Stencil art on vinyl records in a time lapse video. - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Oh nice!! I have plenty of vinyls now I know what to do with the duplicates! How did she make the backround look like that on the skeleton one?

    Or he sorry I thought I read she lol
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    The skeleton is for the band Grateful Dead. And it was all done with stencils and spray paint, the skeleton and roses hand painted.

    You can find ”How To” tutorials on the Web, for different patterns/designs.
  4. Sweet thanks
  5. np wish I had more info to give you. next time I'll be seeing him is this summer.

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