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  1. Putting all my stereo back together .store bought stands won’t hold it. The last stand I added to it.but it was crappy.
    This one will be solid. I have this thread in the music hall also. But not for the build..

    That is here. I’ll post. And explain what the plan is for each part I plan to build. Some will be fancy. Others just a square hole for a component.

    Any and all ideas will definitely be considered. I’ve already installed. And removed boards. The design changed.
    I’m a little into it.but not far enough to not listen to input.

    It began with the cranking of a CHAINSAW. The old couch had to go ( I found50+ dope baggies in there..I’ve had that couch for years)
    Here’s what’s going in. Starting with the couch.


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  2. .....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. ..

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  4. Looks like a old setup I use to have
  5. [​IMG]

    And I been experimenting with the stain. Burning the wood. Then applying “red soda a stain”


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    It's all relative;
    DSCN0452.JPG DSCN0454.JPG
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  7. Some pieces I’ve cleaned up real good..others have been boxed and are dirty.

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  8. Eventually what black pieces can be replaced by a silver faced unit..will be replaced..

    Silver faced is the look I’m shooting for

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  9. A buddy was over checking on the progress...

    And told me I must be the guy the songs ..about that says

    “”. I got 2 turntables and a microphone....hey where it’s at””


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  10. [​IMG][​IMG]

    And from time to time,,I may throw some pics of my grow(autos) under that BADASS ELECTRIC SKY ES300

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  11. Need to get a updated pic. Their 4 times bigger than that now

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  12. Now that's vintage!

    Love that you're making your own stand. Wish I could do the same.
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  13. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    This is what I’ll be using for the “legs” they are the size of a cantaloupe..

    THE QUESTION:: leave them brown like they are..or sand them and do them in the red sodoma. That the stand will be or....

    I have some black ebony stain. I could make them black???

    They will be 8 of these legs on it.. 4 in the front..4 in the back..

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  14. Been working slowly on it. Getting the reel-to-reel spot tightened up. So I can continue down to the next component. Which will be the turntables pre-amp


    And a update on the grow

    Killing it with the Electric Sky ES300

    @The green sunshine company

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  15. Hooked my stereo up real quick so I’d have some music while the build is going on

  16. My pioneer reel-to-reel has had issues with the play button..after researching the problem.and getting a quote on the repairs.. I decided it would be better to just get a new “”upgraded “”version. Mine was a 2 head unit..

    .... now ——-the one I went and got is a AKAI 4 head unit with auto-reverse ( which is a badass function)
    I got it from a guy who was downsizing to move into a appartment..he said he’s owned it for 30 years..and it looks like you just bought it. I had been talking to him a good week about it. And sent him pics of my old one tore apart. And the stand build..he knew I was passionate about it..he told others that inquired,that the unit was sold.. then he offered to sell me a badass BSR equalizer for $25... ( lists on e-bay for $150).. I showed up with $175 for the reel and the eq. He was showing me his setup. 2 turntables a turntable amp and 2 pioneer floor speakers..he said how would you like to have all that...that he showed me..I explained to him I only brought the money for the 2 units I came to get..he said him and his wife were going to donate those items to goodwill.. but after seeing my passion.they decided to “GIVE” me those items. And a box with 40 reels in plastic cases(very nice cases)

    Sometimes it pays to go above and beyond a normal conversation.

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  17. Went digging in the storage shed to get my old albums and cassette tapes. I got albums I acquired in the 80’s now those albums are very sought after.. old school rap albums. And to test the turntables he gave me.

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  18. And as stated in the first post I made..items will be replaced with silver faced units..after buying the reel..I slipped over 40 miles to another seller and picked up this little gem. And a tuner..


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  19. I didn’t pay cash for it 1/2 oz of weed. And got both items..and while I was there. The older woman (who a friend of mine turned me on to) was prepping for a yard sale. And after talking for a good 2 hours.. she “”gave””me my pick of 10 albums.and a FUKIN AMP..

    Man it was my “day”for sure


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  20. And this is what got me motivated to build the stand..I was pulling my stuff out of their boxes.and the cheesy stand just wasn’t going to work. I told the wife I was pulling all my shit out and building a new stand..

    All I got was a blank stare,,she knew it was useless to debate me..


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