Vinegar to lower ph

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by 530baykur420, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Was thinking of mixing a cup of white vinegar with like 6 gallons of water to use next time I water to lower my ph .5. Soil is neutral now. Good idea or not? Lmk please, Thx

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  2. Soil is self buffering for the most part. You really have to abuse it with hundreds of gallons of very off PH water before it starts to show in the plants.
    My city hose water is 8.5 always and it took nearly 2 years using hundreds of gallons in the So Cal sun before it started to show in the plants. I started adding pelletized or powdered sulfur to my soil mix and stopped having issues.
    Way easier then messing with water PH.

    If your water is low PH then use more lime.

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  3. Your soil PH is 5 and you want to lower it? 5 is kinda on the low side already.
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  4. Neutral being 7.wanting 6.5 or so..

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  6. it's not a good idea. your actually much better off in "the zone" of 6.5-7.5 or there abouts.

    here's the thing with soil ph. "total alkalinity" is a big container full of anions (-'s). vinegar is a cation (+) and is considered the "weak acid" of all the typically used acids in horticulture. this means that it has a small pool of cations. once you ph correct your water with vinegar and then introduce that weak solution of +'s to that big bucket of -'s the affect on ph will be nill. vinegar can certainly modify an existing solution ph but how well vinegar holds that ph constant all depends on the total alkalinity (carbonates and bicarbonates) that it is doing battle with. make sense? the same holds true for any acid vs carbonate but the number of cations of the acid is what will determine its ability to affect and hold changes to ph, "hold" being the operative word for attention.

    imo dont try to fix something that reads like isnt broke. idk. you're there and in charge. growers choice. hth's.
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