Villains are cooler than heroes

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  1. Villains have to come up with clever schemes to take over the world. All heroes do is sit around and masturbate until the villains come up with a scheme. Then all they do is stop the villain and masturbate some more. They're just getting in the way of something good, the media should start swapping the roles of the antagonist and protagonist like they have in a few movies.
  2. i agree but probably because i can relate to the psychology of a villian more than a hero these days.
  3. I've always been more a "Villain" guy.

    Especially as a kid, I always rooted for the bad guy lol
  4. maybe the villains need to masturbate to release some of that pent up anger
  5. Yeah but the heroes are thwarting like 10 different villains at the same time bro.
  6. Has anyone noticed heroes always have gay ass powers? and the villians have flat out badass weapons/powers yet they always lose? i don't get it like in harry potter how the fuck did the good team win when they never kill anyone!! wTF
  7. If you're into heroes and villains check out the game "City Of Heroes" You can play as either a villain or hero.
  8. Or "City of Villians" which i like better :D
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    When you buy the game it comes with both.
  10. I admire a villains ability to go completely against the grain while riding the razors edge that is madness.

    What better villain than the myth of lucifer? (the fallen angel)
  11. You cereal? when i got em they were seperate :(
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    Yea me too in like 2006. I recently got back into the game and now if you buy City Of Heroes it also comes wih Villains.
  13. I think Villains are way more cool then heroes too. What I hate is how the Hero always gets his ass beat like a mofo but somehow gets up and fucks up the villain way less then he just got fucked up. Wtf is that shit? :smoke:
  14. Anyone remember Galactus? He was the shiz......
  15. LOL @ masterbate

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