view life as a game.

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  1. Does anyone else look at humans as animals? people think that we have some divine reason to be here. i look at it different. i don't fear death or humiliation. i feel apathetic, but thats what life does. when you do the same thing over and over and over again you just go numb. but i had an epiphany, the reason we are stuck in this rutt of repeating the same things like our work, school, food, tv at 8 pm sleep at 10pm wake up at 7am and just repeat the cycle.

    we need to get rid of everything. go all natural with everything. humanity will go back to being animals the way there supposed to be. life would be hard and painfull but it would have reason. we have no reason anymore except satisfying our wants and not needs. everything for yourself and for yourself only. but no one can help it because thats the way we are programmed. do what givess you satisfaction.

    this doesn't really go anywhere but i doesn't matter. if anyone will just carry on some sort of conversation i would be satisfied.
  2. :laughing: we've got a real live naturalist with three posts here :eek: go make me drugs wildman :laughing:
  3. I view life as a giant game of chance

    But we shouldn't get rid of everything.....
  4. I view humans as just a big mess of biological matter that don't know wtf they're doing. In some ways we're organized..but for the most part it's total chaos.

    I often think about how joe rogan talks about how we're the mold on the sandwich....from space we'd just look like a big infection on the earth...would aliens even see individuals?; or just a big blob of life spreading across the planet using up resources and then moving on to consume the next area.

    We're programmed from a young age into subordination..bread into slavery...and people are fine with it...they're comfortable with having to pay to get a license to catch a fish or hunt an animal, as long as they get they're nightly fix of t.v. or other bs luxury items to keep them happy.

    how does it go? 'there are none so helplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.'
  5. :love: chaos, it's pretty magical. "what?! the land of the free!? whoever told you that was your enemy."
  6. I think the problem is that we've tried to set a standard for happiness. Actually, maybe it's that we set standards at all. When you accept that every single person is unique, you realize standards do nothing but restrict. I don't think going back to animalistic ways is the answer, because with our brainpower we would just repeat the cycle. We need to accept what's happened, move on, and grow. Realize that happiness doesn't depend on anything other than yourself, and that greater convenience isn't always better.
  7. knock knock knock, you from earth dude? we on the same planet? we are animals. and the "leaders".................................................................................pew pew pew
  8. Unfortunately life doesn't come with cheat codes.

    Life is what you make it, either you make something of it or you sit back and watch it pass by you.

    Yeah society has changed, and will continue to do so, so we as humans adapt to our surroundings (just like animals). For better or for worse we have developed technology in order for us to live easier, some will say technology has made us lazier as a race, maybe physically but mentally we are developing our brains much faster than ever before.

    Some people prefer to have a solid routine that they can rely on an they're happy with that. To each his own.

    It seems as if your stuck in a "rutt" OP, and it's up to you to make that change to get yourself up and moving. If you want to be apathetic, remember that you make your own destiny by the choices you make on a day to day basis. The future will forever continue to change, it's up to you to adapt and live a happy pros porous life.

    Now go out and do something you haven't done in a while or better yet something new.

    ::life isn't supposed to be easy::
  9. mlking up in the motherfucker!^
  10. I never said we weren't animals :p But as the 'leaders' I think it's better to stay objective about our nature and grow from there. As a manager, I can't think in the same ways that my employees do. I have to keep myself separate; while remembering where I came from, so that I can manage effectively.
  11. we are animals
  12. sorry for being vague, you likened us unto animals ; lol and i stopped at "leaders"(our supposed ones anyways :rolleyes:lol) because i was trailing off onto a rant i didn't really want to continue in the direction things of that nature usually end up going though :laughing: ba's right, we're fucking animals supreme
  13. I have always wondered what humanity would look like if I could watch from different perspective. Like some type of entity floating above the earth watching everything unfold. Sometimes humanity can act rather pathetic and dumb. Reminds of this video.

    [ame=]Clip from "The Adventures of Mark Twain" (1985) - YouTube[/ame]
  14. view it as a card game.some people get better hands than others. you gotta work with what you got
  15. I catch myself saying "If this were a video game i would..." All the time. Normally it involves killing someone or a major heist.
  16. I sometimes think of life as my own little newberry honor book that is waiting to be opened.I also think of my life as a Martin Scorsese movie sometimes.
  17. I honestly can't believe I'm responding to this.

    As to the philosophical blabber about our society, human beings, the meaning of life, or why so many people watch Jersey Shore: your arguments will be a lot more reasonable if you take into account there is no simple solution (if there is we would have found it). So instead of trying to find something that does not exist choose one aspect and focus on improving that.

    As to the thread title: I find life a lot less boring if I treat it as Calvinball, only rule is to never play the same way twice.

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