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  1. I'm lookin for vietnamese black seeds anyone here know how to help me out?

  2. i doubt very much you'll fin them, but try mekong haze. according to cannabible, it's one of the trippieststrains ever. sadly, none of my 5 beans popped, but i was having trouble with EVERY strain at the time for some reason, probably cold.

    IBLs are a pain in the ass though. only after i early harvested haze skunk was ONE of my high land thai "full moons" just starting to flower after refusing to grow anymore in a 2 gallon pot and even then, one branch turned hermie.

    if you want to grow asian IBLs, get ready to kiss some serious floral butt to make it happen.
  3. go to vietnam
    honestly i dont think you can find it online
  4. the dojo is back
    [ame=]YouTube - Quasimoto- "Bullyshit"[/ame]

  5. oh yea and im not talking about you
    (just reminding you incase your ego clouds your judgement)
  6. Didn't you use to grow Cinderella 99 x Blueberry?

    These have to be available somehow, they were online just a couple years back so there has to be somebody growing it. I want to find this strain in pure form, no Cinderella 99 cross or Willie Nelson. I see amazing breeding potential in this for when I get out to Cali
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    i popped 8 of my 10 cindy blues, but never flowered them, just took leaf trim because it's so hard for me to resist my junkie urge to get high once the opportunity becomes avaialable to me.

    i'd expect it to be even better than either plant by itself. i'm not a fan of the 2 different samples of blueberry whatever i've sampled. all i've gotten from them is a really mild but sweet artificial blueberry taste out of any resin glands i got on my tongue and the stony buzz just didn't impress me much. i don't see why it's "the most popular strain" just a few votes ahead of haze, but as it's way more popular, i think it would have gotten less votes than delicious grapey haze with it's awesome motivational high.

    joey's C99 leans towards hazy phenos in a fast & compact package vs blueberry's slower leaf curling growth pattern and skunkier odor level. C99 would give the blueberry more energy & focus while the bluberry would slow cindy down a little and probably add a hint of psychoactivity. if the flavor turned more towards grape, all the better as i like grapes way more than blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, bitter cherries, & peaches etc. the bitter taste of anise (black licorice) is particularly vulgar to me. i was really whizzed as a kid on vacation in florida when i found a nickel and bought a pack of blackjack gum. too bad there wasn't a money back guarantee with it. it's too bad that a nickel won't buy you much of anything anymore outside of a 3rd world country

    i get a kick out of chewing lemons and watching people cringe, but i can't groove much on bitter limes and grapefruit either. my tastes in fruit leans more towards tropicals like coconut, pineapple, melons, mango, bananas & strawberries and i love a really tangy seedless orange. nothing is as tasty as a fresh squeezed 10 orange glass of juice except maybe a creamy iced mango lassi. oh shit, i'm salivating now.
  8. Keep an eye out at seedboutique and seedbay, ace is doing some fresh releases.
  9. i don't like seedbay. not only are you buying gear from un known & unreviewed growers, but they charge even MORE for strains than "legit" breeders when you should be getting better deals eg. you can get C99 for just $62 delivered from joey weed @ hemp depot, but some breeder there wanted $150 for their beans! WHOA!

    here's to hoping more growers do it for the love and less are in it for the money.

    greed fucks everything it touches up.
  10. But... you can have access direct from legit breeders. I wouldn't buy from just anyone on seedbay, but when ace or mns or tom hill or someone respected in the breeder/supplier community puts up a listing... its pretty safe bro :cool:
  11. i never knew bank breeders sold there, i thought just amateurs did. i'm sure there are awesome beans there, but $150 C99 justain't workin' fer me.

    i really want my kali mist bean to pop (& get cloned) and i'd really like for my 2 "tart cherry" (?) buddha's sister x G13 haze beans to be M&F for breeding. a cherry haze crossed with super cali grape would be some awesome mids for sure.
  12. I got my C99 beans from Nerferti, he had an amazing selection of pictures to post at Breedbay his thread was really filled with amazing photography. Probably the best C99 seeds I could of got, at the time Joey Weed as the only person selling C99 F4s and they were out of stock often.

    I'm just really into the idea of getting Vietnamese Black seeds to some people I know for growing and breeding purposes, there has to be an amazing cannabinoid make-up to make to be responsible for such unique effects.
  13. Just go to Vietnam, know people that have gone to SA just to get the true Durban. While they were there they also found some Transkei green, Quazi Natal. Don't always rely on someone else to do the dirty work....
  14. i'm sure you can find great IBLs in all corners of the earth if you find the locals that still grow & toke. cambodian mekong haze was found less than 10 years ago and i remember reading a thread or article mentioning owesome australian outback gear
  15. All the Australians I know say their weed sucks.
  16. well they might be getting the same old cash crapper strains as most of the US on the streets, but whatever i read talked about a couple of IBLs that were grown in the desert.

    as always, only the growers in it for quality grow sativas where greedy fucks just look for the quickest buzz possible. money really IS the root of all evil. it boils down to how you can fuck someone else over and/or have power over them. if it weren't for greed, the US would be building solar & wind farms and not advertising fucking SUVs etc. on TV after the gulf spill.

    i still can't wrap my head around everyone in the country being complacent about that instead of saying SHIT! this system is sooooooo busted it needs to be changed YESTERDAY!

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