Videotaped Transaction

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 24, 2006.

  1. What a kick ass job... I wonder if they drug test :p
  2. God bless the dutch!

    EDIT: You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Lebowski again.
  3. Yep. I remember doing that last year, but I used Euros not Guilders. I want to
    go back.
  4. You probably have to fail to get the job. No questions asked.
  5. I can see it now;

    "Well Mr. Smith, you've failed out drug test. You don't seem to be on a single narcotic. I don't think you're who we're looking for."
  6. Someday, I tell you. Someday.
  7. damn I'm in my school library right now and I can't view the video boring...Ill have to wait till I get home I guess...o well I'll be blazed :smoking:
  8. O.K. that was bad as hell. JOE> I will rep for that one for sure.
  9. Thanks Joe and the Colonel!!!
  10. dude i'de work for 24 hours a day weighin out sacks, for sure! rep+ bro im deffiantly going to have to go to amsterdam now:D
  11. The Netherlands should use that as a tourism ad.
  12. OMFG....that would be so nice....see how the guy sackin it up smiled as the cameraman walked off.
  13. hahahah awesome
  14. Hahaha, I agree. "Is your town currently dry? Look how easy it is find weed here" They would get a killing in tourism. :rolleyes:
  15. man that nug was huge
  16. I like the guy that gave me a bad rep and didn't even post in this thread...
  17. My mouth is watering.

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