Videos that have scarred you.

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  1. I think the worst thing I've seen is 3 guys 1 hammer and the cartel chainsaw beheadings. Nuts the shit that I see you guys saying is out there. Couldn't watch the full videos of really any of that shit

  2. Idk if im desensitized to stuff online or what but ive seen the vast majority of whats been said in this thread and ive yet to be phased by a single video. Real life thats a completely different story however.
  3. Static shock

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  4. was on the tor network (deep web) and I accidentally stumbled upon some very disgusting CP. Feel like vomiting my guts out thinking about it.
  5. 3 guys 1 hammer sick sadistic cunts
  6. Cartel decapitations. Fucked
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    Anything on It's a freak buffet over there, extremely graphic content, you are warned.
    This.  I've watched some fucked up shit and even doesn't match up to 3guys1hammer.  That is cold blooded murder and the guy is barely alive till the end.  And I only know that from what my friend told me, I don't think i've been half way through it and don't want to. 
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    After I watched that video I was left with the feeling like I was somehow There watching it for's a fucking horrible video. I don't generally approve of torture but them wankers should be locked in total darkness and be force feed food to keep them alive while left in their own piss and shit for the rest of their fucking miserable lives! every now and then go in with a power hose and have a drainage system set up to clear the shit but also to fuck with them. I'm sure they have all been raped by a 1000 men in prison by now.
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    Yeah, they were convicted many moons ago.  This was just one of the 23+ murders they were accounted for.  This video was used in the case and somehow slipped out and obviously stayed out.
    Edit.  The story is on wikipedia.   Dnepropetrovsk maniacs 
  11. I did read on Wiki that they got to do 10 more murders due to complications as there defence was its not them in the video. How the fuck do people represent cunts like that and do a good job.
  12. Damn some of y'all are weird af not that it's a bad thing but to find videos like this you have to be looking for them I mean who searches "12 yo being raped and murdered"? Also even if you do happen to stumble upon stuff like that why would you decide to see something that you know will scar you? Especially when it's illegal(even though I have tor/proxy set up so I know it can be safe) to watch!
  13. scarred as in i can remember them too clearly are
    3 guys 1 hammer. 
    and the beheading of that american soldier 
  14. I can handle human gore, just not animal abuse or mutilation.
  15. Really?

    I can handle animal abuse and mutilation. Doesn't bother me.

    But seeing human gore....death...whatever..on video it gets to me. 
  16. This video on youtube called cry reads: symmetry. Even though the guy is just talking, the vivid description of events fucks with me

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