Videos that have scarred you.

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  1. As people have previously mentioned, 2 girls 1 cup, 1 guy 1 jar, 3 guys 1 hammer, and the dude being fucked by a horse. Horrible man.
    Also, that video that has recently gone around where a Thai woman (I think it was Thailand anyway, definitely in eastern asia) is beheaded by this dude with a real small knife. Literally you see him sawing away at her neck, it's horrible. The pained expression stays on her face throughout, and then her head rolls off, scarred me so badly.

  2. I don't think i have been scarred from a video. 
  3. Man reading half this thread brought up a lot of bad memories. I've seen most of the popular videos but nothing has scarred me more than the animal slaughter house videos. With cows, pigs, and chicken. Pretty much anything with animal abuse. Dog videos really make me want to cry.

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  4. Personally taken pics from Iraq?

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    All were on taken disposable cameras
  6. Is it bad to say I'm interested

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    No not at all.

    Its reality.

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  8. Bummer I was hopping to see some. :p

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  9. a video about "bug chasers" and "gift givers" which are basically these gay dudes that INTENTIONALLY try to catch and spread pretyy fucking scary when you consider the 6 degrees of separation between all people.
  10. I saw a video of a man shoot himself in the head once. Not idea why I watched it and was angry at myself for it. The worst part was all the blood gushing out his nose. I have a real thing about nose bleeds and I nearly puked.

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    Ahhh shit man. Obey the Walrus creeps me the fuck out. One Guy One Jar. One Guy One Screwdriver. I remember one time my friend shower me a video of executions in some foreign country, they lined up innocent people and shot them in the middle of the desert and let their dead bodies lay in the sand. They didn't exactly scar me, ive seen much worse. I've seen tons of bad shit on (dont go there plz).
  12. Troll face
  13. I saw that one too, its on Youtube lol the Budd Dwyer one. Thats the only messed up video ive seen
  14. The Luka Magnotta flick. The one where he's fucking that poor chinese dude's torso. He later mailed the parts all over Canada. Why are people so fucked up for?!?!
  15. Russian hammer video, and the one of a man throwing his dog off a bridge.
  16. So nasty. 2 guys one hammer is disgusting too

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  17. yo what show is that in your profile picture? i vaguely remember that show

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  18. ^^ Static shock

    "Insert something clever "
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    3 guys 1 hammer left a sick feeling in my stomach. 

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