Videos that have scarred you.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sciapodous, Jan 29, 2014.

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  2. that one where the girl shags a horse
  3. I remember when Budd Dwyer shot himself on live tv. I was home from school cuz of snow, watching cartoons. I was pretty young at the time. A few years later I walked into my cousins house 2 days after he committed suicide with a shotgun. Very messy and disturbing. It still messes with me every now and then.
  4. I've seen most of the shit that's been mentioned, it's all so fucked up. I don't know of any other videos but one time while walking on the road next to my house I found a bunch of human remains and organs and shit on the side of the road. It was kinda gross.
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    Back when they still had video stores me and some friends rented a faces of death video, apparently there's more than one.
    Anyway, I don't get disgusted easily by video, but I literally couldn't watch 10 minutes of this shit. Fucking gross.
  6. Dude that shit is an internet classic

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  7. Watching the British prostitutes eat dog shit
    was probably the worst for me.
    That video is why I've never watched
    two girls one cup.
  8. Made me vomit and gave me a boner at the same time. I'm still confused.
  9. I think Americans should be forced to look at those Iraq pics. The reality of war is so abstract for most people. We would be much less likely to support war if we saw it first hand
  10. I agree.
    The internet had made it easier to access those realities.

    There's a huge difference in the generic news reports with some stock pictures and a statistic here or there about blah blah blah....

    and shot up exploded bodies, the smell of charred adults and kids, sandy dirty human meat and brains baked in the sun being eaten by packs of wild dogs in the streets.
    Certain things even pictures can't capture.

    But then again I understand why that shit isn't splayed all over TV.

    Fuck all that.
  11. Their were these kids that killed people and recorded it for money. i watched them stab a biker with a screwdriver and the beat his face in with a antifreeze jug. They got caught after like 21 murders and animal cruelty charges. Life in the pen

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  12. Saw one where this guy gets fucked by a house. At one point the horse literally picked him up with its dick. The guy died the day after or a couple days later.
  13. Lol you said house at first so i was literally lost

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  14. Where exactly is the dick on a house located? In the basement?
  15. I ment to say horse lol. I say it in the second sentence.
  16. Mexican cartel torturer
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  18. 2 girls 1 cup... I saw it on acid. First time for both.
  19. I'm happy to say I can not contribute to this thread
  20. Seen cartel torture vids didn't care much about those because animals against animals... The thing that did fuck me up is.. Look up encyclopedia dramatica offended page and have fun don't be scared it won't scar you for life, come on go on now ;)

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