Videos that have scarred you.

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  1. I wouldnt say they scarred me, i didnt feel grossed out or anything, iv actually been more scarred by some phsycological thrillers,,, but fuck there are some mentally deranged fucking people in this world.

    The mexican girl gets her head cut off for cheating,,
    2 guys get their head cut off with a chainsaw,
    this los zetas one how they barreled someone ( threw them into a barrel of burning petrol the guy screaming and crying actuly made me kinda tear up ay couldnt imagine that to be you or even your worst enemy...

    This african tribal vid dont know if its fake or not but these military generals caged up these village kids and like fucking fed them to fucking wild pigs

    Anything to do with dick and balls kinda hurt my pride watching, thinking how could a man hate his penis so much hed want to mutilate it..

    I remember watching some extreme bizzare porn some bitch fucks a cactus, another getting her nipples shot with a staple gun, then starts stiching up her mout with it haha

    Another one how some fat guy shoves a glass jar up his assonly to have it break and blood full starts gashing out of his hole hah imagine going hospital for that! What would you do call an ambulance! What the fuck would these poor paramedics have to say hahahahaha imagine trying to get the glass out fuuuuuuuuuuuuck how would you shit!

    How bout the horrifying accidents how some guy jumps off a good 40-50m cliff- misses the water and has half his face fucking smashed off on some ledge, full shows him in the operating table i cant rember what its called it was that time facebook had that phase everyone was posting fucked up videos,, ill try find it or other ones i mentioned..
  2. My MOM Likes BBC...I thought filming it was bad....but while I was editing it I noticed she had a skin tag right on her anus....
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    Video from the pain Olympics of a guy chopping up his testicles with a meat cleaver. My friend that was showing it to me thought it was hilarious as fuck. But I can never under it! I was even shown a video of a girl getting her head cut off with a fillet knife once, and even that wasn't as fucked as the nut chopping video!
  4. I've watched a lot. 3 guys one hammer, 2 girls one cup, BME pain olympics, gang beheadings, terrorist beheadings, etc etc... Not many stick in my mind.
    I do remember one of a dude tied up getting shot to death by a group of people, think he was being executed for stealing or something. I just remember it being minor. Anyway, a few shots went into him and he was still moving, so they shot at him again and a bullet went right through his cheek leaving a gaping hole in his face, teeth were bust to shit, and one must've went in his lung cos the last 5 mins of the video was just him suffocating to death.. 
    I watched a dude kick a puppy off a bridge. Thing landed on the pavement, barely moving. I read the dude that did it got arrested... I'd kick him off a bridge if I met him though.
  5. Seen that too. Fucking grim.
  6. Murder video of these two guys in Russia who went on a killing spree killing homeless people. Worst shit ever. His face was literally ripped and smashed open, multiple compound fractures and they just kept hitting him in the face with the hammer. Terrible Sent from my burner
  7. Those are exactly the kinds of videos I'm talking about haha. Teenage me would have watched every video I hadn't seen that was mentioned in this thread. Current me doesn't want to see shit like that anymore, usually leaves me feeling pissed of or depressed that people could be so brutal.
  8. You videotaped your mom getting fucked by a black dude? What the fuck is going on??? :smoking:
  9. Well it was either that or pa $50 to join in. I didn't have to film the whole time. Sheesh...I'm the 8th guy in. You'll recognize me...out of 50 dudes I'm the only white guy.
  10. Oh one that actually did scar me was in like 4th grade I was on this website called and there was a video called "cat smashers". Thought it was some immature and perverted 4th grade shit but to my horror some hick put his cat in a burlap sack and beat it to death with a sledgehammer. Didn't see anything but the blood oozing out of the sack definately is something that I still remember and really fucked me up at the time. Lost my apetite for an entire day.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    i just went onto best gore and the human stuff didnt even make me blink but the animal videos got to me man
    Edit: After watching one or two more videos (no idea why i watched more) i really want to violently beat the shit out of people that do that to creatures that cant defend themselves
  12. Yeah I remember that. They were actually called the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs.
  13. Seen pretty much all of them listed, beheadings, tortue shit, pain Olympics, etc. All Id rather never seen again. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. A Terrorist cutting off a soldiers head with a knife :(
  15. Haha, looks like we have a Bestgore user.
    Saw the same vid.

    And the pain Olympics video, the "final round" one is a fake.
    And that's not just my opinion.

    Uh, I've seen too many things so not much bothers me but when people start to suffocate on their blood

    you're welcome :)
  17. nah dont get scarred but it bugs me out just thinking how fragile we really are.  the aftermath of carwrecks look worse than anything elese.
  18. I was tricked into watching 2 Girls 1 Cup and the other one that was floating around at the same time.
    Never again.
  19. Earlier today I watched a real autopsy on YouTube. Fuck that was disturbing.
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    I can't think of a specific video, watched too many gore videos to count. They're all pretty fucked up.
    @[member="VapeLifeAlex"] I wouldn't link that, pretty sure that site also contains semi-pornographic material, which I'm sure is against the rules here. (Let alone a video of multiple people being decapitated)

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