Videos that have scarred you.

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  1. [quote name="pokeabewl" post="19433546" timestamp="1391061949"]Nazis beheading a Russian kid. You don't forget the sound of someone gasping for air after their windpipes been slit[/quote]I think we might be talking bout the same vid lol
  2. I was thinking that too haha. Did they duct tape his neck and then bury him?
  3. [quote name="pokeabewl" post="19433630" timestamp="1391063105"]I was thinking that too haha. Did they duct tape his neck and then bury him?[/quote]Oh nah the vid i was talking about after they dismembered the head, sat it on a podium type thing, got a close up shot of it then it ended
  4. Video of Kelly (forgot last name) being murdered by 10 cops. For nothing. Can still hear his screams. Also has all the disturbing shit you needSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Liveleak is nothing. I go there all the time and their content is mild to say the least.
    I could barely find any real graphic videos like murders, rapes, etc.
  6. Agreed.
    The Ogrish days were the shit.

    Check out
  7. The videos that are on porn sites for when people are bored of jacking off are pretty brutal.
    I've seen most of the 'scarring' videos though, like the BME pain olympics, the fat dude with a jar, the 2girls1cup, and the fucked up video of those teenagers killing someone with a hammer. They are gruesome videos but they haven't really scarred me. Haven't thought about them in a long time til now.
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    1. The decapitation of a u.s. citizen - signed up fr military next day

    2. Two girls, one cup

    3. Woman fucking a horse - this and the one Below was when i was lookin for steve irwin death vid on limewire years ago- horse humos her like 3 times in a bran while her husband watches, then a gallon or so ofcum falls outta her and splats on the floor. My wife and motherinlaw were watching it with me. We thought it was steve irwin but we were all utterly surprised and shocked....

    4. Woman fucking a dog - dalmation in front of guys

    5. Woman fucking her german shepherd

    5. Russian kids beating and stabbing homeless guy to death and hammer - they all went to prison

    6. Muslim shooting his daughters down with an ak

    7. Us soldiers put al queda militant in a ditch to dig a mass grave for his comrades. Theyre laughing. Cameraman warns them that theres guns in the ditch. They turn their backs. He gets ak, shoots like 5 and cameraman before hes mowed down.

    8. Guy fucking girl in a toilet with her head in the shitbowl covered in shit - steve irwin search(limewire)

    9. Another vid that involved a perve and a child while searching for steve irwin vid, stopped looking after that one....fucked me up and scarred my brain

    Dont watch anything like this anymore. Turns my guts, pisses me off and makes me want to take revenge on bastards who do this shit

    Edit : weird part is i was just talkin bout these videos with a friend yesterday.....
  9. limewire was always terrible with stuff like that. Hey I'm going to download a music video, oh god what is this on my screen.
  10. OK that one was kind of funny. Like what the hell was the context? Lol.

    The aftermath is gross tho.
  11. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is the most terrifying thing stoned or not. Terrifying children's show-esque shit.As for movies Serbian Film is awful in a different way.
  12. But don't hug me I'm scared just leaves this uneasy feeling in your stomach afterwards and you can't explain why lol
  13. The sound of the glass scratching IP against each other while still in his ass stuck with me.

    Luckily he succeeded in another attempt Lolz
  14. Luckily lol
  15. He tried again? What the fuck why would he do that again after what happened the first time. I mean I guess since he knew what went wrong he figured he could do it successfully but still.
    The problem the first time is the jar was hollow and there was lots of pressure in the, uh, surrounding area.
  16. Yo speaking of assholes what about goatsee? It's a picture but I'm still scarred
  17. Lol

    In the successful attempt he filled the jar with water.

    I think he shows his face too lol
  18. Man when a glass jar breaks in your ass thats just one of those moments where your eyes open real wide and all you can say is "holy shit"
  19. Internet shock original lol

    I used to have a shirt with this print on it but I wore it out

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