Video Tutorials- Rolling Blunts and Joint - Smoke Tricks - And more!

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    For some reason it wont let me post my tutorials on smoke tricks, it just goes to a blank page after posting the whole thread, so i gave up on it.

    All of my tutorials.. Dealing with police, tutorials on rolling a blunt table and no table, smoke tricks - circles, french inhale, ghost snap, how to roll a joint, and more can be found here...

    Link removed per request. -JD

    Enjoy :)
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    since i finally made a thread ill make it easier for you all to see which video your looking for..

    Links removed per request. -JD
  3. Some good vids man, I've always wanted to learn to french inhale. Plus, love the room colors. :D
  4. Thanks man :) whole room is covered in taspestries
  5. Hahahaha, oh man.

    "Now, I'm not wearing a shirt. Those who give a shit: fuck you....cause I don't care." XD

    Nice man. Rep.
  6. +rep

    Good stuff bro.
  7. Loving the thread dude some awesome rolling!
    The only thing i'm thinking is what is the perfect joint? Everyone likes something different. I love my own roles but aren't that keen on my best mates. He tends to not really take that much care over them! I dunno its just a thought!
  8. Your french inhale is weak. Close your lower jaw while you're inhaling through your nose.

    You have a sick ass smoking room though, I wish I had a chill place like that at my house.

    I'd definitely smoke with you. Maybe even let you roll, :eek:.
  9. Yeahh I know out of them all french inhale is my worst, but it gives you the idea of how to do it, plus I use cigarettes and the smoke isnt as thick so its a little harder.

    But thanks my rooms is sweet with my 4 hose hookah n tapestries, when there isnt clothes everywhere :p

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback :) If you want anymore tutorials let me know!
  10. Ya, it seems like you just ghost it up your nose basically. Try letting the smoke out by simply opening your bottom jaw and slowly closing it as you inhale through your nose.
  11. Any other tutorials you guys would like to see?
  12. How to make a Trifecta!
  13. Just added a new video, cross joint tutorial :) enjoy!


    Haha looks like you beat me to it
  14. If anyone wants a tutorial let me know, ill be glad to make one :)
  15. Parachute as in crushed pills?

    I can do the apple and other things soon, lurk around :)
  16. Just added a video on how to make an apple bong/pipe :smoke:
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    You might not know what I'm talking about, it's also referred to as a lung.

    It looks like [ame=]this[/ame]

    Make a tutorial for table hits too.

    [ame=]table hits[/ame]
  18. Didn't know it was so simple to make :confused::D
  19. haha pretty simple, doesnt require a masters degree in joint rolling to accomplish it :p

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