Video of me smoking my hookah!

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Nice dog, nice hookah, and why just tobacco?
  2. Prooooobation

  3. Cuz smoking bud in a hookah is wasteful.

    Dude I loved ur video. I saw your hookah wasnt milking as it should be, and its definately not because of the tobacco your smoking. So since im stoned here're some tips:

    -Put more tobacco! Fill the bowl up, even if you're alone, when youre done just take the coal off, and later you dont have to pack it again, just make more holes (explained) and put another coal on, I make bowls that last 2-3 rounds of coals.
    -Break up the tobacco, it looks like you put chunks in, break them up in the bowl because it'll allow more aiflow thus a better smoke.
    -Poke you holes only in an area as big and a little bigger than the size of the coal, and then as the bowl smokes, you poke more holes and move the coal around, so that there isnt cold air coming in from the holes that arent covered.
    -When you poke holes, I find using a needle to poke all the way to the bottom of the bowl helps alot, I usually do it every other hole.

    Try that and I promise youll have some crazy milkshots. :D :D :D

    And your dog is hilarious. Nice editing!
  4. nice vid. i like your dog haha.
  5. lol nice video, hookah, and dog!

    But, are your thumbs extra long? :confused:

  6. Why do you say that?

  7. If its a bowl designed for shisha, with a coal, it doesnt get hot enough to burn the weed. You CAN get stoned by doing that but you have to put a shitload of weed.
  8. Yea man, hookah only works for weed if you put direct flame on it.
    Thanks Lebowski! I used half a bowl because yesterday I packed a full bowl to use to myself and I felt pretty sick by the end of it. I'll fill it up well later on tonight after im done cleaning and get some crazy milkshots for you guys. Peace. :rolleyes:
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing...."man that is a fucking massive thumb"

    Anyways...nice new toy you got there and cool dog
  10. haha leave my fingers alone! Allright! Im about ready to make another video. SO you guys get to pick the flavor. Mango, Lemon, Mixed Fruit, Mandarin Orange. First three posts to tell me get summed together and picked by me. :p
  11. Definitely mixed fruit....I would pick that one for myself
  12. very nice durchii. :hello:

    hope probation isn't treating you too badly.
  13. Im hanging tough. I'm not psychologically addicted to weed, or anything for that matter. But it would be nice if I could still smoke. What's riding on my probation is alot, so I'm not going to risk it by trying to clean my piss in a big fucking rush. :p

    For the rest of the year of probation, this hookah will be my best friend. I also got some rolling papers and a bag of tobacco.

    And allright, since I didnt get too many responses, I'll pop Mixed fruit in the bowl and get the video up here before midnight MST. Hang in there!

    EDIT: Its too dark to see anything in great detail. I'll get the video tomorrow when the sun is up. Sorry. ^-^
  14. I'm going to go smoke a bowl while we wait for that.

    You should be proud of the fact that you put your best interests first and foremost. That takes alotta balls.

    Look at it this way; you'll have a little more money in your pocket and your fridge will be a little more full.
  15. Im gonna smoke some banana tobacco and a bowl right now. :smoke:
  16. I'm back.

    Nice and toasted i'ld like to add. :bongin:
  17. Sorry man, too dark to see anything in great detail. I'll get the video up when the sun rises tomorrow.
    Enjoy your bowl anyway. :rolleyes:

    OH and thanks for your tips Lebowski. This thing is filling up like a champion and im blowing some crazy fucking clouds.
  18. Until then, enjoy these milkshots. :hello:

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