Video of a guy eating a can of dip

Discussion in 'General' started by Cypress420Hill, Feb 9, 2014.

    This is hilarious

  2. I knew it was shoenice only guy it coulda been lol
  3. Shoenice.

    Classic stuff right here.
  4. how is this guy still alive
  5. Now sit back and watch as natural selection works its magic. 
  6. I feel bad for him...
    Yeah, me too, this vid doesn't even have that many views.
    All that risk, little reward. 
  8. Fuckin love shoenice hes been doing shit like this forever
  9. he could've at least done grizzly or copenhagen. longhorn is fucking nasty.
  10. He is the only fuck crazy enough to do it haha
  11. OK, who the hell is Shoenice? Definitely gonna check out this future Darwin Awards recipient!
  12. What happens when children who don't receive enough attention get older, is my guess.
    Longhorn is so disgusting. Mint is the only one that's even tolerable, straight makes me fucking gag, couldn't imagine eating it :eek:
  13. he does youtube videos of him eating/drinking things requested by viewers. I believe he gets money for these requests & donates it to charity (not 100% on that)
  14. Fucking gross!
  15. OK, just spent some time checking him out... This dude is more dumber than Bill O'Reilly.. Err I mean oh, shit that's me!

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