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video memory when very high:D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AJ4217, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Been smoking hash every day for the best part of 5 months now...
    today however i went to a friends house and we did a gravity bong. home made one filled with a g of two types of hash plus some bud, we did two clean hits each and were on neptune for a good 30 minutes.
    as we were reflecting on our high we agreed our memory felt like a video playing in our head. and what we were seeing was actually a video representation of our memory... man pretty crazy shit... still very high.

    does your memory feel like a video tape when youre really high?

    and you know how in your memories you always look at yourself from thrid perosn- as in you can always see yourself. well assuming our memories are based on what we see, wouldnt that mean our memories are a whole something else? because we dont see ourselves in real events, which means memories are created from something

    damn high. stay high people. peace.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
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    No, not really at all like a video, but sometimes being high will evoke some random weird memories like things you got mad over for no reasons, little things you wish you did for example: things are going well with the woman im seeing right now but guess whos in my dreams? Not even my ex, my ex before that, makes me wish inception was possible so i can force my sub-conscience to stop bringing up old shit.

    oh and dude you might wanna chill on that hash it takes all the fun out of it and makes it standard. should be a special occasion (like friday lol thats special) but just not every smoke sesh
  3. Sometimes I feel like an actor in a play who doesn't know his lines...
  4. This is an interesting subject, and I think I know what the OP is talking about. When I first started smoking I came up with the metaphor that it's like standing in a room and watching what you would normally see. That's pretty damn close to what you said.

    Most recently though I've formed a knew analogy. I feel like weed increases the intensity (volume), of brain signals, while smoothing it out.... if that makes sense. This is a combination of some neurochemistry knowledge about cannabis and my own studies as an electronics engineer.
  5. My memories aren't in third person...

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