Video Interview With Edward Snowden On Why He Blew The Whistle

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Here is another true American patriot. I really hope he doesn't commit a murder suicide anytime soon.


  2. He's in Hong Kong last I heard, hopefully they keep him safe.
  3. I hope so too but the CIA can get anyone at any time. It will be tough with this video out but I fear for his safety and that of his family as does he. We know how crooked the CIA is and this is prime for making him another Bradley Manning.
  4. A true patriot and American hero. God bless him. I fear for what the Feds will try to do to him. What a brave man he is
  5. He covered all his bases, they won't do shit to him, if he did it in secret they would for sure silence him but being in the public eye, there would be an outrage if something were to happen to him. 
    Bradley Manning? Adam Kokesh? They are doing it right out in the open and no one cares. I have no problem believing that the CIA would assassinate him and cover it up with some obviously bogus excuse and that the sheeple would lap it all up and carry on at this point. 
  7. Well considering he released things that make Bradley Manning's releases look stupid I would imagine he has a long road ahead of himself.
    Its funny the checks and balances we have the balances have to be done by a guy like that rather then a elected official. Oh well. 
  8. We need this guy and William Binkly(?) to go all around the USA and do all the talk shows like actors promoting thier newest movies do. Sadly I don't think shit will change other then the Gov. passing some new law making it legal for them to murder whistle blowers. Everyone I talk to about this says the same shit "if your not doing anything wrong it shouldn't matter if your being watched". To which I reply "whats legals today is illegal tommorrow,"

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