video: I was almost hit by lightning.

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    Title says it. One of the craziness things I've ever seen. Hit ground about 15 feet from where I was standing.


    embed didn't work from my phone if someone could embed for me that would be dope.
  2. The link just takes me to youtube homepage. Whats the URL?
  3. Worked for me on my phone give me a few minutes and ill get it up
  4. Bump video is up

  5. Do you say that often?
  6. holy shit hahah dam man

    HAHAHAHAAHHA at i just screamed like a bitch hahahahahahahahhaah

    made my day
  7. Holy shit dude
  8. "i just screamed like a little bitch"

    thats exactly what i was thinking after i heard you scream, haha. thats pretty intense though. i cant even imagine eating some fungus than thinking about how i was almost hit by lightning. or almost getting hit by lightning AFTER eating the fungus :eek:
  9. damn nature, you scary.
  10. I'm glad you can all laugh at my terror lol
  11. lmfao hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. that was brilliant!
  12. Hahahaha that was great!
  13. this post deserves more attention


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