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Discussion in 'General' started by toketillyachoke, May 19, 2005.

  1. I have subscribed to all I can say is wow what a great service for a videogame geek like me! We all know that most console games now days do not have very good reply value.
    So what happens at least in my case is you beat the game and then your like now what?
    Renting games from the movie store can be down right expensive because it normally takes more then 4 days to beat a game unless you can devote your whole life to the game but not me. The Answer to this problem you ask? Game Fly! u can keep the game 4 as long as you want as long as you pay ur monthly fee.
    I started my subscription in April and since then I have been blessed with beating such game as mercenaries, the punisher, and right now, I'm working on doom 3
    The punisher was a great game I just loved going into rage mode and killing crack heads with my double hunting knives. Another awesome feature of the game was interactive kill spots. Through out the game there are glowing orange skulls on the floor at certain places that you can use to kill your enemy. Fro example in the zoo level there was a spot in front of the rhino's area you hold the person against the bars and the next thing I knew dude had a spike through him I was like holy shit!
    As far as doom 3 gos the sound is awesome in the game you feel like your part of the game monster pop out of the middle of no wear just to kill your sorry as lol have not gotten very far in the game so not much to say expect wow!
    Anyone else out there subscribed to game fly or played any of the games above. Played any great games Lets talk been awhile since i have talked to any gamers Are there any gamers here on the city. I'm awaiting your reply's. whenever i beat a game i will come back to tell you guys about it gamers. Videogames play a very important roll on my life, They have helped me through some hard times right now there helping me not think of my xs as much! Have a great day keep on tokin
  2. Think it's expensive for you? I play my games at the arcade, and almost solely there. It's for the competition. (I play mostly 2d fighters... those other games take far too long to complete, and I really don't have that much time to waste anymore.)

    Of course, it helps that I'm good at those games, so other people end up paying to challenge me.
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