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Discussion in 'General' started by english, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. We've talked about what kinda music we like to listen to when stoned/blazed whatever, but i don't think we've talked about what video games we like to play stoned, i enjoy playing counterstrike and SSX 3 while stoned,
    What games do u stoners like to play, ANY game on any platform
  2. Halo, Halo 2, Command And Conquer... Morrowind.. to name a few.. Action games are awesome stoned!
  3. halo 2, MGS snake eater is badass, and im waitin for gran tourismo 4 to be realeased.
  4. KATAMARI DAMACY, its this weird ass japan video game that did good over there so they brought it over here, its weird and pretty addictive
  5. morrowind is really cool while fucked up or sober :D....i'm getting xbox live and halo 2 this saturday :D
  6. yeah, i love weird japanese games, like GUITAROO MAN!
  7. GTA San Andraes (awsome stoned or sober)

    Halo 2

    Doom 3

    Half Life 2
  8. GTA: San Andreas and Counter-strike are the only games I play sober and high. Holla (im on dramamine and am trippin hard) (took me 10 mins to fix words to make sense in this post)
  9. i like almost any adventure game, first person shooter, sidescroller

    and DDR

    i dont like a lot of the newer games because the graphics and stuff are so good and the games are really complicated.
    i like playing N64 or gameboy advance games most
  10. CS:Source and CS 1.6, DDR is alright (gets tiring too often haha), Gunbound, Starcraft, NFS, Halo 2, Guitaroo man was pretty good, MMORPG games, RPG games on PS2, most Final Fantasy Games, and a crap load more.
  11. Lately, all I've been doing is playing Halo 2, but when Christmas comes around I'll have Call Of Duty to play and then when MOH Pacific Assault comes out I'll have a jizz stain in my pants and I'll be playing that non-stop. I love MOH.
  12. When im stoned I play Animal Crossing, Zelda the Wind Waker, GTA:San Andreas or COD:FH
  13. Tiger Woods
    NCAA Football 2005
    Team Fortress Classic
    ESPN Football - First person football is crazy when your stoned
  14. I cant believe nobody said it...

    World of Warcraft. Just buy the game and youll know how awsome a videogame can really get.

    On the top5 list
  15. I am a gm for wow lol

  16. That better be better than rising sun, I want to kill the people that made that. they left out so much stuff! so many islands, and campaigns.

    oh, I like playing amped 2, and gta3 while stoned, I fucking hated gta vice city, because those cops throw spikes at you,

    I just got done ordering an RF adaptor for my NES too! so I'm going to be playing excite bikes, mike tyson punch out, and track and field soon :D
  17. OK I know this will sound hella dorky but I liked to play D2 LOrd Of Destruction and the Mortal Kombat Games .
  18. when im high or sober i like to play san andreas.........when im drunk i love playing halo 2..........
  19. REZ!!! it is THE stoner game, trippy backdrops with crazy music and even more music when you hit an enemy... AMAZING!!!
  20. I like these new plug and play video things they have now. They have alot of classic Atari and NES games like that. I saw one at the mall that comes with i think 10 NES games, they had Super Mario Brothers 1 on display. I realy want one of those for christmas.

    Track and Field with the power pad brings back soooo many memories. Grim. you should check out GTA San Andreas. The cops will still fuck you up, the there is alot more depth to the game.
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