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Discussion in 'General' started by Xaijiqq, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. i was just wondering how many of u like playing them after toke'in?

    and what do u like to play while high?

    I know i sure as hell enjoy it
  2. i love playing super mario sunshine when many colors!
  3. wow u got a cube? nice!! i also own one and love it. i was kinda dissapointed in mario sunshine, i had fun but it didn't have the same impact on me, as other mario games,, but i love the water effects.

    i am near finished with metroid, very fun game if u get deep into it.
  4. yeah, my mom bought one for us for christmas..and 6 games.
  5. LoL hempress your fast!!

    what games?? i have always been a nintendo kinda guy, but i try to get any system that holds my interest.,
  6. we have sms, super smash bros melee, crazy taxi, spongebob squarepants, rocky, and another, but i forget which one
  7. i love super smash bros melee, also the music :p

    i was just playing it today i need 5 more trophies left.,

    i just miss beating a hard challenge and the announcer says "success!"
  8. lol, i haven't actually played it yet, b/c it's my brother's, but I watch him play...I love that you can turn Princess Zelda into Sheik.
  9. i like sheik, u ever play orcarina of time? great memories.,.,
  10. Crazy Taxi! No shit I love that game! But its a bit to intense when I'm mashed. I find golf games are surprisingly good when I'm mellow. If u play them multiplayer it gives you time to toke between shots and they normaly have some nice sky effects to look at. Thats the other thing I love in games- Rainbows! see how many you can spot!
  11. yea, heheh a few of my friends always enjoy playing golf games while drinking, i never usually play but its fun to watch them compete, they r hilarious., u know the types that resort to tasteless cut-downs towards each other.
  12. Haha! Yeah you know its bad when it gets to the "Yo Mama..."
  13. I love to play Nascar dirt to daytona When I am high I wreck everyone! GTA Vice city too!
  14. Vice citys cool 'cos if your reeeaally stoned you can just go for a long walk around the city and check out the sites!
  15. yea my friend has vice city i like the freedom the game offers.

    but i would have to say what i noticed most about the game was the 80's tunes on it. gave me a good warm familiar feel'in.
  16. *Makes an attempt at doing the splits and throws Horns* IRON MAIDEN RUUUUUULE!!!!!
  17. Thank god they were easy on the mullet usage


  18. that gives me an idea.
    Next time im high im gonna play some old classics I got for super nintendo like Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger, i kno they'll trip me out! :D
  19. Chrono Trigger?!


    I actually got all of the different endings on that game. Man, before weed snes rpgs were my fix.

    Oh, and one time my friend claimed that the 211 song that's in the dreamcast version of crazy taxi sounded just like aerosmith to him, he was really ffffucked up though.
  20. im a pc freak so i play counter-strike when im stoned. it's makes me concentrate hard and headshot everything i see!
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