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Discussion in 'General' started by oTDAWGo, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Any one play video games while stoned? Got any favorites you like to play blazed?
    Mines probably GTA or Madden
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  2. I play apps on my iPhone . I've played FIFA with my friends before while stoned. Which reminds me I just ran out of edibles :( going on a T break for a month.

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  3. yeah I play Rainbox Six Siege and Halo. Just started playing the witcher 3 as well
  4. Usually black ops 3 or GTA

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  5. Halo is fun to play stoned
  6. Mario kart or super smash bros is my favorite. I usually dabble with DK
  7. Yessss, I play Mario Kart Double Dash all the time when I'm baked it's a blast. Another good game to play is any of the old Super Mario games. Also Guitar Hero can be fun to play if your able as you get to listen to music and play a game all in one.
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  8. My all time favorite game is killzone 2. Im thinking of getting bioshock the collection for the ps4. Im also going to buy a nintendo 64 to play the classics. Goldeneye, mario party etc...
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  9. any of the pokemons or zeldas
  10. they have happy tunes
  11. Mario kart DS is social bliss

    Laptop gaming is cs/codMW3/L4D2 or DotA
  12. My husband and I always play video games lol its fun.
  13. I usually play CoD Black ops II with my homie, while we get f***ing stoned, too much fun.
    On my own I usually play GTA V and just bought Batman Arkham City.

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  14. Who here loves the DK RAP? Eminem or Dr. Dre dont have shit on the DK Crew, huh!
  15. I like the first original 3 DK games and the one for n64.
  16. I was on a battlefield 4 kick shit since battle field 3 on ps3 then got battlefield 4 on ps4 now battlefield 1
  17. I dunno something about sending soldiers into a meat grinder to gain 15feet from the enemy is alot of fun in company of heroes 2.

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