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Video games when stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kANe407, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. RESIDENT EVIL 3 (ps1) The game is actually a lil bit scary, but overall i like shooting the shit outta zombies and being chased by NEMESIS.......STAAAARS!!!!
  2. ahaha good call on reviving a 3 year old thread ;) no worries though, just for the record, skate 3 kicks ass after a niceeeee kushin' out.
  3. wow this thread is 8 years old, i didnt even know about GC back then. obviously i was 10

    anyways gamin high is a good way to enjoy yourself just be ready to get your kill death reatio wwwwaaaayyyyy low without caring. ( my personal experience) yea when im on a good indy thats got my eyes low i can barely whats comin at me or shooting me still had a good time and i do get a few kills some people are fuckin sick high

    played with this one guy who would only turn on his xbox if he had a joint in his hand, no joke. Anyways this guy on gears 2, fuckin insane headshot after headshot

    so yea some people are good high some suck, either way theyre gonna have a good time

  4. If you have a PS1 get Final Fantasy 7. I'm not a FF fan but god damn that game was addicting while high. It was my crack, I had to have it!!! That game consumed a month of my life and has forever changed my view of the world... I'm not exaggerating either.
  5. All video games are more fun high. It doesnt matter if your playing nes or ps3 weed+video games=win. I prefer to play video games high, im just more into em when ive had a toke. Id recomend sativa strains for video games.
    nothing is more relaxing than jumping online and rolling a joint or packing a bong, playing your turn then just lighting up and enjoying watching everyone else take there turn.

    The BEST

    Also I like playing search and destroy on black ops because when you die you get little smoking break :smoke:
  7. NetHack:
    Bring it awn!

    Also, double zombie thread is double zombie.
  8. That's a huge necro, but I like playing F.E.A.R and Fallout NV high. It's trippy with fear, but you get paranoid as fuuuuck.
  9. when i play black ops i feel like im in the game, it like pulls me in.
  10. I like black ops... search and destroy :p
  11. Don't play many videogames these days, but having a few mates round playing FIFA whilst baked is pretty awesome. Playing guitar hero high isn't too bad either but that demands more concentration than I am willing to give.
  12. Me playing black ops when stoned = unreal sniping.

    I fuckshitup at the game when im baked.
  13. Black ops.............. all day evvryday fricken search n destroy is so much fun, i feel like i am the dude sometimes and it makes my aim n reaction time godlike xD
  14. Fallout: New Vegas is sooooo creepy to play when high lol, I love it. Just makes the world seem so real to me. Giant radscorpions=high killers lol.

    Red Dead Redemption is a good one too. Mass Effect 2 as well.

    It's weird, I seem to enjoy games that involve you being in a world or a specific character when stoned. I don't like playing sports games or even music games, normally they are my favorite games to play.
  15. GTAIV on PC, incredible graphics plus freelance style game wiht lots of hilarious shit, i dont think any game could be better while high:cool:
  16. bad company 2 vietnam with the doors playing... feels like i'm in apocalypse now
  17. Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, MW2, Black Ops, F-Zero X and Castlevania : Lords of Shadow

    You've got Boost Power! :smoke:
  18. I'm going to go trade my copies of Gran Turismo 5 and Saints Row 2 for Red Dead Redemption and possibly the zombie story pack

    Good idea? I have Ps3 obviously
  19. i like playing battlefield bc2 or tony hawk pro skater on n64
  20. Haha, I'm a pretty big gamer. Recently, it's been Fallout: New Vegas, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, and nostalgia-ing it up with Megaman X.

    Also, if you have steam on your PC, get VVVVVV. It's really cheep, and so much fun.
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