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video games on shroomies?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cannabillions, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Is this a good idea? me and my friends are trying shrooms for the first time in a few days, and we plan on each taking 1.5 g's then playing super smash bros for like 6 hours.

    EDIT- I kind of exagerated here, we wouldnt be playing for that long. But is it a good idea in general? like i mean, it wont induce a bad trip or anything right?
  2. Id personally take a full 8th than go on a hike or lounge out under the stars. Itll be one of the greatest experiences of your life, but only do this if you have a good mindset..
  3. No way you'll be able to concentrate on a video game for 6 hours. I doubt you could watch tv tripping that long, let alone play video games, it'll get both repititive and really frustrating. And honestly, I don't even think it would be very fun, I've never enjoyed video games much on acid, never tried em on shrooms, I usually don't even the hand-eye coordination.
  4. I play Smash all the time with friends, and I've done it tripping acid. Pretty fun.

    But don't spend the whole trip doing that, what a buzzkill.

    Go with the flow, follow your trip.
  5. Me and two friends actually tried playing ssb brawl while tripping and it didn't work that well. Everything just seemed overwhelming because there was so much shit going on and we couldnt focus because of that. No, it wont turn your trip into a bad one or anything like that it just probably wont be that enjoyable.
  6. a big group of friends and myself broke out rockband one night while tripping.
    i sucked...
    totally discouraging considering under normal circumstances I play on expert.
    haha, i see you all getting bored with games but def try it out and see what happens.
    maybe you could watch a trippy movie. such as scanner darkly, across the universe, etc.

  7. Eh, I played call of duty 4 on shrooms, it WAS fun on the comeup most DEFINETLY. Was just in complete euphoria, some dude even added me because I thought he was my gateway to reality, lol. But yeah.. definetly not peaking.. I started zoning off and found myself running in circles. Coming up and coming down is fine, but for peaking Id like to be out in nature.. please don't drive though...

    Also listen to some good music. Like boards of canada, shpongle, hendrix, jefferson starship..etc.
    If you start to get bad vibes change your environment and/or music.

  8. yea lol i got my license taken away last friday, so you dont have to worry about that...
  9. Nawww man. Don't play SSB, play some GTA IV. Haha, BEST FUCKING GAME EVER while your trippin' on some boomers. I'm serious, lol.
  10. haha one time i was playing call of duty world at war online on my ps3...i had 16 kills and NO deaths lol...i was fucked up too lol...after the game was over i went to my headset and said u motherfuckers suck lol...im tripping my balls off and u guys cant even kill me haha...i was like jeez is this really happening??? it did tho
  11. i played gta 4 on mushrooms once and it was fucking insane

    i was flying down the part that looks like times square in an suv while my friend was playing guitar and i cant even explain it was just so fuckin crazy i was running into people and throwing grenades out the window just tripping balls.

    then i ate a burrito and it blew my mind. i could literally taste every single little thing like the tomatoes, tiny diced onions and crispy chickano mmmm
  12. Actually, the time I actually did play video games on shrooms I did awesome. You become amazing at shooters, at least I did.
  13. The last time my buddy an I ate shrooms we played Dead Space. It was fucking awesome. Only ate like an eighth though. Next time I wanna go for a quarter. While video games are awesome there is nothing better than going out into the world.
  14. Dead space? haha I couldn't imagine how that'd be.
    I wouldn't mind trying out Silent Hill 2...jesus christ
  15. Me and my friend played a little xbox when we were trippin on boomers at his house.

    We had an epic battle in Fight Night Round 4.

  16. I read a book by I think Terence Mckenna which explained that hunters from tribes may have used small doses of mushrooms while hunting to be able to detect prey better because of the increase in senses. :cool:
  17. So I would highly recommend playing katamari damacy while tripping. It'd fun a fun, simple, trippy game and the music is awesome. But yeah I wouldn't recommend it for the whole time. I'd actually be impressed if you could manage to do one thing for the duration of your trip.
  18. I took 2 grams of dried cubes and as I started coming up/peaking I busted out the old N64 and threw in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

    I made it out of the Deku tree, but I can tell you this, the intro was probably one of the trippiest and prettiest things I've ever seen on TV while tripping. It was really fun, but after that I couldn't hold my focus long enough so I turned it off.
  19. I played Crackdown with all the cheats on with an eigth of shrooms. Best. Feeling. Ever.
  20. last time i did shrooms me and my bud each did about 4.5g and played horde on gears of war 2. (gridlock map if you're wondering) and i decided to snipe, man it was fucking intense but it was one of the most fun experiances ive had on shrooms, i was surprised at myself because i was getting mad headshots, more so then when im sober haha. good times.:hello:

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