Video game creator/CIA spy sentenced to death in Iran

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  1. This really makes me wonder what the real motive is for a game like Call of Duty. Are these games made for enjoyment or to subliminally implant notions in the minds of younger generations? By time younger generations grow old enough to cast votes and political opinions, they'll have these views instilled on them through their entertainment.

    I'm a big COD fan, especially MW3. It kinda bugged me out the first time I read this
  2. FPS development is funded by the military industrial complex, often time direct investment from Defense branches of the US.

    Look it up. There's no doubt this software is developed to classically condition the masses and desensitize them to violence. That being said i still play CSS when i get bored :smoke:

  3. lol I know man, these games are entertaining. But even though I play them, I still have no desire to join the army nor would I support any kind of war. As for people younger than me, who knows how these games will affect the future of the US in terms of war
  4. None of these games would sell if they showed anything other than the US being the saints invading other countries to save the world :rolleyes:

    I can't complain though I love Call of Duty.
  5. Exactly man, i'd never pick up a gun and raise my hand for a transnational massacre because i once played a video game. Not for me :smoke:
  6. an ex-US marine soldier? lol. a marine is not a soldier, and a soldier is not a marine.

    idk what Iran is trying to do here. its like they want war but arnt willing to start it.

  7. Haha I love this. Of course they're not going to admit he's a spy.. that would defeat the whole purpose. God..

  8. Idk man, the CIA & Israeli MOSSAD are slowly killing off their nuclear scientists in a serious covert spy war. The US lost a spy plane to Iran and then asked for it back lol It's almost like we're the ones picking a fight with Iran. Shit is going to pop off this year. I have a feeling the Iraq "War" was just to get us closer to Iranian borders. After all ,they're the one's with the most potential for WMDs, not Iraq.
  9. "All warfare is based on deception..." -Call of Duty MW3 (intro)
  10. Its just a game ... You know... Make believe on tv or computer... But of course,goverment would do all sorts of fucked up shit (war on drugs, just say no campaign, marijuana prohibition) they get that message they want us to hear without us even knowing it.... Inception, if you will.
  11. Yeah this is the year when shit hits the fan and Iran will be the starting point of it all.
  12. If Iran wants a war, they've got it. It would be over in no more than six months. Iranian army: 30,000 soldiers. US Army: 1,129,275 soldiers. Not to mention how much more advanced our weaponry and transportation is.

    Bring it on!
  13. War is not a game, so much death would come from it.
  14. Iran really does have a habit of forcing confessions with sketchy means.

    But either way... it's not right to put such ideas into videogames. I dunno if they did that or not, but I'm leaning towards yes. They probably did use the game as propaganda to sway peoples opinions on the middle east

    But I don't give a fuck. What Iran is doing here is wrong. I mean.. they wanna kill the guy!? I understand it's probably frustrating to them, but c'mon, they should know better than to do that.

    This is something I'd actually fuck people up over. I'm ant-war and anti-violence 99% of the time.. but this falls in that 1%. I'm not saying go to war of course.. but I am saying if it were me in control, I'd do something to get that guy to safety..

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