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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md1jI6G8NTE]Equally Separate - YouTube[/ame]

    Brotherhood is the aim, equality is the name, separation is the game, and its always the same.
    Who's to blame when all those who came to this agreement had no idea what "free" meant?
    Blame the supporters who fed the reporters the news of the hoarders in their tight closed quarters.
    Hoarders of guilt, lies, hatred, and deceit; they never imagined it would be such a feat.

    Brought out in the open just to lose all their hope in a system that promised a society to cope in.
    But how can you cope when the answer's always nope and you're treated like a dope as if being bound by a rope.
    This rope can be broken when the right words are spoken yet people are still joking, smoking, choking, and croaking.
    Their cause of death is the lie they believe when they're high as they ignorantly die without a final goodbye.

    Why should we allow this to go on any longer when the more that we wait the opposition gets stronger?
    We need to act now, nevermind what or how, you have the power to endow those who continue to bow.
    Bring them the strength to endure the great length of the time that it takes to undo this great crime.
    No matter your color you'll still be my brother and together we'll blow their cover that keeps us from eachother.

    No longer will we be equally separate but instead we will be separately equal, no need for a sequal.
    This story is one just as we have become and though its not done, eventually all will succumb.
    They cannot resist once they see us coexist on a plane that impossibility is what they insist.
    So why are we waiting to stop all of this hating that is rapidly inflating as you're all debating?

    If you seek satisfaction you now must take action and oppose the faction that is causing this distraction.
    While they distract they also distort fact to make you react in a way that supports their act.
    They have all the tools for us to look like fools but if we just keep our cool, we'll make the rules.
    Our rules will be stated and further consecrated and these rules will insure that none will go hated.

    So now I implore for you to want more and to even the score by opening the door.
    It leads to a land that is ruled by our hand where they can no longer reprimand our benevolent demand.
    Once we are here say goodbye to the fear and shed one last tear for the old atmosphere.
    We've ended the reign of hatred in vain and its tough to contain the ideals we now maintain.

    -JPIII\t June 19, 2011

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