Video cameras, Voice recorders... Prison? ..or HighSchool?

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Alright, well I live in a small town of 17,000. Our highschool doesn't really have many problems when it comes to violence, and they are very lienent about marijuana. If you get caught with any amount of pot at school, you get 5 days, no questions asked. They take pills more seriously though. If your caught smoking cigs on school grounds, you get one day in-school suspension, big deal. But whats really got me by the "balls" persay, is what they have just done. They have put 31 cameras all around the school, with 31 more coming in. These cameras are all concealed around the school, along with 20 or so voice recorders, which are slyly placed in the guys gym locker room, guys BATHROOM, and other random places in the halls and such. Is there anyway this isn't legal? We are being recorded without our knowledge and consent. Maybe it's not due to it being a government run facility. It doesn't worry me because I'm smart and haven't been caught (knocks on wood), and I will continue to not be caught. But it still bothers me that they complain constantly about not having enough money and having to cut budgets, yet they can install 62 micro cameras and a bunch of voice recorders. I will be out of there soon, so thats not a problem, I just don't like the idea of what they are doing. They still haven't came out and confessed about the cameras and such, but i've personally found a voice recorder and everyone knows where the cameras are.

  2. Seeing as you have no rights in school, I believe it would probebly be legal to do that. Even if it wasn't, I doubt that unless you got a large group of opposing people, anything would be done to stop it.

    The Sex Pistols said it best:

  3. This is a sign of the rising police state in this country, put a camera in every room to scare people into acting like souless drones. If i were you i would start a petition or some protests about this. The next step is warrentless searches and unlawful detention without haveing being told what u have done. Soon enough this counrty will be a scene straight out of 1984.

    Dont fall into the belief that you have no rights in school, you are still an American citizen at the end of the day.
  4. Its legal. You dont have any rights in school. My old scool had cameras at the highschool and middle school.
  5. We have a few cameras, but not that many. It is legal though since you have no rights whatesoever
  6. 2nd poster has a point..

    They've started with the same cameras on the street and you've never really been treated to a respectable pig encounter where they treated you as the phrase goes 'innocent until proven guilty'

    if people don't start fighting for their rights it'll get there and it'll all be paid for by you...horribly ironic
  7. The cameras are legal but I thought I read somewhere that its illegal to have recording devices like that. I could be wrong though.
    My school has 2 camereas in every hallway on all 3 floors.

  8. voice recorders are fucked up esp in a private area such as a lockerroom. as far as camera's think of them as for your own good. i mean you are 100% guarentee'd to not get fucked with in the halls with camera's watching you. besides smoking weed at school sucks i mean how are you supposed to enjoy your high being paranoid someone is going to catch you. smokin at home with your friends and best music playing is the way to go. :smoking:
  9. to those who are saying fight for your rights, honestly, what do you expect the kid to do?he's still in school, that mean he's probaly 18, oh, yah, he's an american citizen at the end of the day.... that really means a lot these days..... school, ive read the guidebook they pass out, because i feel if your gunna do something illegal, know the laws around it, and i gotta say, with court decissions backing up his school... theres uh.... ABSOLUTLEY JACK SHIT he can do about it... i mean.. MAYBE... MAYBE if he got enough kids to bitch to their parents about it, and they bitched to the school... they MIGHT take a FEW cameras out just to keep the town happy... but it wouldn't be because putting camera's in school is "illegal".
  10. Ya well no one said getting shit changed was easy, there wasnt JAck shit pilgrims could do untill they peaced it and started america , you are conditioned to sit back and take it

    As far as what to do , you can change school, protest, petition , break the shit do somethin. School is goin to sux 10 times harder when ur on tape all day and being recorded so jsut try , if u fail at least ur getting the word out.
  11. w/e kids shouldnt fucki nbe takin pills smokin weed or cigs in the bathrooms.. do that shit on the way there of after school .. then theres no need to worry about the cams or shit .. o_O
  12. Legally, I think everything is legit. Morally, that is bullshit. Kids get no privacy nowadays. Hell, I bet kids who never even thought about smoking or something do it just because they are told not to a million times a day. My school had like 4 cameras and it was simple to get around. I also thought it was illegal to put anything of the sort into a bathroom.
  13. Yeah my school had cameras.. I never thought they actually did use them, but they did catch me doing something with one of the cameras.
  14. i would hate the voice recorder thing, that's ridiculous. but since they cant have cams in the bathroom there's no way they could put a face to the voice.
  15. They put cameras in bathrooms, i saw it on the news, and one kid ripped it down and it made the news
  16. They can. They can put them in the bathroom "lobby" aka bathroom. Not in the stalls or anything..
  17. maybe I'm just a tad too baked but it just came to mind...

    if no one can actually read the mind of others in any way that works on a large scale the next logical step would be to shut them up and if possible force them to use text/sms messaging

    that phrase think of the children comes to easily used to get silly over the top laws passed... so it stands to reason they'd start by saying yes to stuff that 'protects kids' to test the water on street level camera crap

  18. Some cities already have cameras on the streetcorners (Baltimore, I think, could be wrong but I know that at least one city and probably other do), and it's completely legal now to arrest and detain someone without cause, warrant, trial, or evidence (Patriot Act).

    We're not in the darkest part of American history when it comes to personal freedoms, but we're certainly not in the brightest.
  19. Where my grandparents live the majority of stop lights have cameras and shit to catch people who run red lights. Granted it is against the law, I won't wait 5 minutes for a light @ 3 AM.

    This country is becoming less about rights each day.
  20. Yea it sucks, my school has about 80 cameras and i wish they had voice recorders in the guys locker room because last year my cell phone and ipod got robbed, but the kidd got caught because he was bragging.

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