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Video cameras in vehicles

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mindwrack, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. I've seen quite a few YouTube vids from "dash cams" in vehicles in Russia. Main reason is because of the corruptness of the government, crazy ass driving and people who try to scam the system by purposely getting hit by cars so they can sue.

    I also just watched a vid on people being stopped within our own borders for "immigration checkpoints" some of these were fairly close to the border and others quite far.

    Are we getting to the point that video cameras in our vehicles is starting to make sense? What's your thought?

  2. More sense to have than not to.
  3. I have had one in my car for a year. Definately get one they are only like 30 bucks and can save you money in case of an accident when someone is trying to say it was your fault when it really wasn't.
  4. Is it dash mounted or?? Where did you get it? Is there a kind you suggest?
  5. Definitely useful. When I drive, I need a dashboard cam, and a small smell proof safe
  6. That video was awesome

    Especially the last encounter when he asks the agent for his ID and the agent doesnt have it

  7. AMERICA! That video was awesome! Good to knpwnpeople are exercising thier rights
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    Sorry for the late reply. I got mine from amazo.n, just look for one with good reviews and a 2.5_inch screen, that's what I have. Most of them are very similar to each other and cost about the same. (about 30 bucks)
    They are mounted to the windshield using a suction cup, like a gps. You can put it behind or just under the rear view mirror so it's completely out of your way.
    You would also need a micro-sd-card so if you dont already have one that will cost you about 20 bucks, depending on the size you get. I got an 8gb but that's not really necessary because most of those cameras do loop recording (once the card is full it starts deleting old files), on the other hand some cameras don't loop record and you would have to format the card yourself every couple weeks or months (it's not that big of a deal) but I would suggest you buy one with loop recording.
    If your car cuts the power when you turn the car off then good, but mine doesn't so I have to manually disconnect the camera every time I turn off the car to stop the camera from recording. You could also set it to motion detect so it starts recording every time the car moves, but I wouldn't personally suggest that option.

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