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  1. this has to be the best most new bully vid on the internet, and this one is one to remember.

    he got what was coming, fast forward to half way, the bully keeps trying to fight this smaller kid who apparently got into a fight with " jon jon" earlier in the week, but jon jon swung first. SO what happening is this big shirtless bully is trying to avenge jon jon from the sounds of it.

    the kid who beat up the bully looks like hes riding one of those bikes with all the plastic on it to make it look like a dirtbike... who rides those ?

    [ame=""]Dont F*ck with Me Video[/ame]
  2. haha OWNED!

    props to the underdog. He wasn't even gonna fight until that douche tried swingin on him. Sounds like he beat two kids in one week. Maybe that'll be a lesson not to fuck with the kid.
  3. haha thats hella tight
  4. How pathetic.
    It's kind of funny how people who don't know how to fight are always the ones trying to get into fights.
  5. Kinda looks like that kid got a nasty cut on his back when he fell. I like the comment:

    "guy with no shirt always loses the fight"

    So true.
  6. I like how the girl started to cry at the end, like the kid had died or something.
  7. that shirtless bully was actually alot bigger than the smaller kid. the big shirtless bully could of really fuked up that lil kid if the lil one dident know how to fight like that. things could of ended real bad real fast, but im lucky the bigger kid got what he deserved cause why fuck with such a smaller kid.. makes no sense.. its obvious he was going way out of his way to start a fight
  8. [ame=]YouTube - YOU GOT KNOCKED THA FUGGG OUT!!![/ame]
  9. Lol. If the dude wouldn't have jumped like a damn gazelle while trying to swing, he wouldn't be on the ground crying
  10. Oh my. Why do wannabe "tough" guys never know how to actually fight, they just know how to talk shit?

    With those accents I thought I was watching an episode of COPS for a second.
  11. What a punk ass bitch.

    Dude just throwing his arms in the air, C'mon now.

    When i get in a fight, I expect the fight to end with my first punch, Period.
  12. yeh i know, i think the kids in this video wandered away from the trailer park and into a neighborhood with houses to film their fight video.
  13. Best part is the face slap at the end.

    Ultimate act of dignity robbery. Didn't punch him again, just slapped his face.


    For 10/10 he would need to have stolen the guy's shoes.

  14. at the end he dident slap him.. it sounded like it, it was a weak slightly open fisted punch that made a slap noise...
  15. Nothin makes me more mad than a video that wont load
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    Kind of reminds me of the Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin fight:

    Skip to 5:30
    [ame=]YouTube - Anderson silva vs forrest Griffin ufc 101[/ame]

    I guess that's what happens when you leave your chin exposed while simultaneously throwing multiple punches using up all your energy... and when you have your shirt off!
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    "Bully" got owned. I'm glad the kid punched him in the face while he was laying there. Dude deserves that shit. The chick was fucking bawling her eyes out lol, bitch it's just a little fight. Didn't the kid who owned say he was only 15? I thought I heard that.
  18. ^ fight won't load for me neither :( I want to watch a bully get beat up. That Silva vs Griffin fight was embarassing.

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