Vida Guerra???

Discussion in 'General' started by h4rk4t, Aug 7, 2007.

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    So does anyone know if there are any dvd's she is in? I have looked all over for at least ONE single pr0no film she is in, hip hop honneys, everything, checked google.... Only found lame playboy stuff, some 'exposed' movie of hers that isnt so exposing that recently came out, and some other shows that she is just an actor in.

    It's SOOO rare that i actually will find celebs attractive because they are so overdone and modest.... everyone thought jessica alba was the bomb... i didnt.... penelope cruz... nope... even angelina jollie was a no for me (all three are still attractive though...just kind of attractive).

    I know this is a wierd thing to post.... but hopefully someone here on gc has some information hehe;)

    thanks all for any input,
  2. Dam shes so fine. I know her ass and tits are fake(my girl tells me all the time) but DAm i like her look. Im a booty guy so i can def feel her.
  3. She posed for Playboy in November, 2006. Id DEFINITELY hit that like a jailhouse pillow
  4. She is sexy.
  5. How do they do plastic surgery on an ass though? That ass... Goddamn that ass.
  6. I don't get it, I mean she's beautiful, yes, but she's not a model that makes me stop and go "Damn"
  7. Latinas OWN!!!!
  8. It's the way she arch's that back, and makes the ass protrude haha.... its a fetish :p
  9. Yeah but great bodies are a dime a dozen, her face is a double bagger
  10. heads up H4rk4t, you might wanna remove that link. As much as i'm sure many of us like it, I believe it violates the rules :eek:
  11. Sit boys, now staaay... Roll over. Good boys, good boys!

  12. Yeah she's the finest girl I've ever seen before. She doesn't have any porn videos out though so you're not gonna find any.
  13. haha she is definitely attractive.. but when i think about how many guys she has fcuked in her climb to success ...thats gross man

    shes hot.....but used and abused for sure...
  14. There are so many more views of this topic compared to others, i wonder why.
  15. So I guess Im the only guy who thinks her ass is sub-par? Personally I like an ass that will actually fit on a toilet seat and not spill over the sides....

    Kari Sweets...Now thats an ass I love....:devious:

  16. You're telling me you didn't stop and/or go "Damn!" ?

    My condolences to your current/future girlfriend/wife. :D
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    Her face? Hell no, damn mountain eyebrows. You can have her.

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