Vida Guerra Naked

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Talon, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. sweet cuban delights i wanna rub a dub dub with that

    shes comin to my city on friday for some nightclub event. . .might have to go to that one :eek:
  2. i liked the ones from her phone better. ;)

  3. haha this man no his stuff +rep
  4. 1) who the fuck is vida guerra?

    2) playboy sucks asshole. hustler is better.
  5. true
  6. Both are pretty gay, WAY too many ads in em.
  7. vida guerra is the devine goddess.
  8. i say fuck hefner and that other fat guy....who wants to pay 5 bucks for porno fool of adds? anyone who does needs to reconsider.
  9. Im getting page not found.

  10. FTM

  11. I agree man. I bought my first one back in high school after alot of people telling me how good it was, and I was deeply disappointed. There\'s hardly any nudity... full of fuckin\' ads!

    Is Hustler any better?

    As for this link, someone needa up it! It doesn\'t work right now and I needa see this... she\'s a dime!

    Edit: Here they are -

    Wow... I think I\'m getting my second issue of Playboy after seeing those pics!
  12. fuck me and call me johnny
  13. if i was ever within a 10 foot radius of that woman...

    i\'d be afraid of my own self. :smoking:
  14. hhhhhhhhhhhhdjd cant form words so hot dklsl.....:D
  15. she has some great assets :)
  16. :eek: that ass jus don\'t quit!
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