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Victoria!!!!! What A City!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, been down to our Capitol City for the last few weeks and will be down there for 8 months.

    The 30 story Condo were building is Already sold out...unreal.

    The hole we're working in is 60 feet deep and hot like you wouldn't believe.

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  2. HIGH All, the core is what holds the building up and has some big rebar in it which we use a crane hand lifting this shit.

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  3. HIGH All, the bottom mat is I believe 22 tons.

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  4. HIGH All, the top mat coming together. 5 feet of concrete..thick eh!

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  5. HIGH All, a closer look.

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  6. HIGH All, looks nice eh!!!

    Here All the zones are in. The zones will go All the way to the 30th floor.

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  7. Thats a good start to a tall building..

    I bet you got a good work out tieing all the steel on that one..

    Ity will take several yds of concrete to fill that hole!
  8. HIGH All, from the road.

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  9. HIGH All, oh ya BH a work out and a half that's for sure.

    Here is our lunch room....and I'm waving to our Washington BUDdies

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  10. HIGH All, and last night was awesome...what a sight from our Blue view room (where we toke).

    I love Vancouver Island!!!

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  11. You are in such a beautifull place my friend... I love being in and around water..

    Lunch time would be spent fishing if it were me up there...

    I would eat when I couldn't fish.. LOL
  12. HIGH All, *LOL* I hear you Big Guy!!! Nothing like being surrounded by water.
  13. The building pictures make me worry about you but the other pictures are very cool! Thanks for sharing, as usual, Unoit!!!!!
  14. Looks like an interesting job you got there. Awesome view on your time off too. :D
  15. looks like good times, but well earned! here's to good times and no accidents on the job. next toke's for you.
  16. I'm working on sewer all week.. Live sewer... looks like you will have it better than I this

    Becarefull and have a great week!
  17. HIGH All, thank you All and yes we hope this is an accident free site..I printed out pics for the guys who never seen "my incident" a few years ago. I DO thank you All for your thoughts it does mean the WORLD to me.

    BH I'm glad this is a sewage for us this this tour.

    Hope the rain slow's down for you my friend.

    critters if it makes you feel better..the days are geting shorter on The WET Coast and it'll be harvest time in a few months.

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