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Victoria Head Shops

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Shopo, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. I'm taking a trip too victoria, BC and i'm going too pick up a peice there.

    these are my choices for the headshops and since ill be runnin low on time does anyone have any experiences with them? prices? quality?

    Sacred Herb
    BC Smoke Shop
    Trippy's euporium
  2. noone from victoria!!!?
  3. yo if u mean victoria AUSTRALIA, ha then im their right now on vacation and they got jack all for pipes and shit,
  4. Hey dude, I just noticed your post now, sorry I hope this info is still useful.

    Sacred Herb -- a little overpriced but great selection, also a really chill place, staff are very helpful. I bought a nice lungz (local brand) bong there a while ago for $40.

    Trippys -- on the same street as Sacred Herb, just closer to Douglas, not that great of a selection but better prices than SH. guy who works there is very nice. I haven't bought much there other than papers.

    BC Smoke Shop -- only place out of the three that sells tobacco products, they have a great selection of smokes, blunts, papers, bongs, pipes, vapes, etc etc. Prices are good too. (I dunno how old you are but you have to be 19 to even go in. . . I'm 18 so that sucks for me.)

    Hope this helps bro pm me if you need anything else

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