Victoria Day Weekend

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  1. Well, this weekend coming up is Victoria Day Weekend here in Canada. Or, May 24th weekend here in Newfoundland. I know this weekend is not the 24th of May, but the weeekend closest to this day, we get an extra day off of school, shops close and everyone gets wasted and goes camping. This year, me and quite a few of my friends are going camping in a secluded area where we know we can have a great time and not be bothered. Everyone is brining some weed, some beer, some liquor. I picked up some Chocolate Mint blunt wraps and some Orange flavoured papers to hold us over on the hour long walk into and out of the woods. When we get there we'll blaze a few bowls, drink, blaze, repeat until thoroughly fucked. This is probably going to be the best weekend of this year and a contender for the best weekend of my life if everything goes as planned.

    Does anyone else here celebrate this holiday? What are your plans for this weekend?

    Heres a link for the ill informed
  2. Yi Yi, Im gettin shrooms tomorrow, me and my ex are gettin together havent seen each other in a long time, and we're single and i still love i hope things are gonna go good :D
  3. Im gonna hopefully be stoned and drunk this weekend, and yea. Good ole victoria day.
    Newfoundland is awesome if thats where you live man. I go up there every year.
  4. I'm goin to a field of pot this saturday with my buddies we're gonna bring some weed and some jones and chill
  5. K if the field is actually there, PLEASE, pm me with a description of the day, or thread of it, cause thatd be fucking awesome.

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