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  1. I hooked my friend up with some bud last night and she gave me 5 vicodin which I have never taken before. I took 3 for the first time and smoked a ton of weed last night and felt great and relaxed but I had trouble driving home. I looked on erowid and searched on here but I couldnt find much straight up info about Vicodin.

    Whats the most pills I should take? How long do the effects last(way too fucked up to remember)? Is obviously mixes well with weed but what about alcohol?
  2. its a painkiller/mild downer. basically, its refined heroin with the tylenol active ingredient.

    dont go over 5 -7 pills man. the acetimenewillyphen or whatever in the pill is not good in large doses.

    if your gonna drink alki, dont take more than two. actually just take two and only one drink of alki.

    otherwise your gonna puke in the morning until youre dry heaving, and the heaving will last quite a while.

    they last 2-3 hours for me
  3. K cool. I decided not to drink on them last night because I didnt know very much about them and I didnt want to risk it. I only took 3 pills and it was good. I have 2 left so I'll probably take em and smoke a few bowls.

    Thanks for the info scoob
  4. Yeah, be careful with those. I took 5 one time(although I had a tolerance from my surgery, they were the end of the bottle and didnt need em anymore) and I waited an hour and it wasn't real intense so I started to drink a little-turned out I drank A LOT and was useless for a long time, and probably was close to OD'ing, although i didnt really have any negative effects afterward which was weird.

    At any rate, be careful mixing it with alcohol and be wary of how much acetaminophen you take. shit this is getting hard to type, my trip is taking \off
  5. dude i fucking looove vicoden. take 2 get wasted and then smoke a bowl. fuck man, i wish i had some vicoden!
  6. exactly what i will be doin man, this bowls for you man
  7. you my dog
  8. now i gotta decide, take the vic's in the afternoon and smoke a few bowls with my boys or pop them and smoke a bowl before i go out with my girl
  9. I'd say with your friends, Vicodin doesn't really energize the third limb if you know what I mean.
  10. that you very much for that info. Im gonna pop em now in that case
  11. hahahahaha
  12. smokin' herb and takin' vicodin is fun, me and my buddy had like 50 vicodin each and were just eating em like candy, and mannnn i don't know where i'm getting at but i really love vicodin.

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