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  1. Well, i have 2 perscription pills. It is generic vicodin 5/500, im not sure what the 5/500 means..Well im reluctant to try them cause they are perscription. Will someone give me some information on these, and whther i should try it. I was thinking about just taking half of a kind of test. I duno..All information is apprecated.

  2. If you don't want 'em, send em to me ;)

    Just kidding, I think you'll survive. I know people that eat them like candy. There even better if you smoke buds or drink with them though.
  3. 5/500 means 5mg of hydrocodone(vicodin) per 500mg of acetominophin(tylenol) can take both of those (even more..up to about 4 or 5 before you'd start to get liver complications from the high dose of tylenol) actually probably dont have enough to feel much, thats only 10mg of vicodin....if you want to feel something, then I'd suggest you take two shots of vodka with the vicodin on an empty stomach....alcohol synergizes with hydrocodone, and usually i wouldn't recommend mixing the two, but that small a dose wont do any harm....
  4. Yeah, only 10mg of hydrocodone isn't very much. I don't honestly know how they would effect someone if they took them by mouth. I always snorted mine. But if you have a low tolerance for opiates then both pills along with a good bowl will give u a mellow buzz.

    By the way, I've been clean of oxycontins and all other pills for 10 months today!!!!!! It's been a long, hard battle but I'm winning the battle this time.
  5. flowerchild420 thats good :) 10 months is a while, i been off pills for three months now, pills are bad.
  6. awsome guys...congratulations....pills are fun little candies..and I know form experience that unless you were born with some majorly strong will power, those little candies can become too much fun and start to fuck things up in life..

    flowerchild..I wasn't aware you could snort the vicodins...I thought that was more for the percs and oxys....could you elaborate on the snorting technique?...and wouldnt the acetominophen get in the way?
  7. yes!!!...congratulations...i only took pills once, had no fucking clue what they were, but i took about six of them, i really trusted the person that gave them to me, i just slept good, and that was about it....never since, and never again..

  8. Vicodens are as snortable as percocets. Basically a vicoden 10mg is equilavent to a percocet 5mg. Both of those pills contain some tylenol. Usually vicodens contain anywhere from 500-750mg per pill and percocets contain 325mg to 750mg of tylenol. Both percs and vics burn to a certain degree if snorted. The lowest dosage of vicoden that I liked to snort was a 7.5mg vicoden. Since there is so little hydrocodone in the 5mg vicoden, that is alot of powder that is mostly tylenol. And it takes a helluva long time to get it all to drain. So you crush the vicodens the same as the percocets. And they don't burn anymore than what percs do either. In the hospital, we substitue percs for vicodens and vice versa. About the only pill that doesnt burn is oxycontin because it is pure oxycodone hydrochloride without the tylenol. After snorting my pills, I always used to use a cotton ball with water to get it to all drain immediately. That gave me an immediate rush!!!!! Especially with oxycontins.

    And thanks for the support!!!! I have to say, since quitting my oxycontin habit, I do have alot more money. A hundred dollars a pill was an expensive habit. And there are some days I wake up and still crave that drain. But I have my bud so I'm happy with my cleaner life. Overgrowray.......3 months is a good start. I wish you all the best.
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  10. oh wow..I learn something new everyday...I didn't know that about vics.... I had always thought the act of crushing percs was to destroy the time release element hence getting the full blown buzz at once....just figured vics had no reason to be used like that... Im not sure if Id want to snort that high an amount of tylenol though...How about codeine? is it the same deal, are they snortable?

    (BTW are you in the medical profession? any chance do you know if hydrocodone is water soluble?)
  11. Yep, codiene is the same way. Like a Tylenol #3 is 300mg of codiene with 500mg of tylenol. And yes, they are snortable too. I always lived by the rule if its mixed with tylenol it is snortable...........ibuprofen and aspirin are a NO, NO!!!! I learned that one the hard way. My nose burned for hours. Vicoprofens are not meant to go up the nose!!!! Yeah, hydrocodone is as water soluble as codiene. It's just a stronger version.

    And yeah, I'm in the medical profession. I'm a nurse right now but I'm debating on going back to school to be a PA. I'm still young enough to do it and its only 2 and a half more years and a step down from a doctor.
  12. cool..yeah Ive extracted the codeine from t3s so i didn't have to bother with the tylenol, so if i can do the same with vicodin I might try that..

    I was considering becoming a pharmacist, but then I remembered that I hated chemistry,biology and that was sort of an idea shot to hell
  13. how does one shoot to hell?
  14. first you need a needle and some smack
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