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  1. I took 3 1000's about 2 hours ago, and right now I feel like a zombie. That's literally the
    only way I can describe it. I have one monotone voice, absolutely no emotion whatsoever,
    complete numbness of my body, hands feel weak, head feels really heavy. It's been months
    since Ive taken vics and I've never felt this way before. Its a good feeling.

    Anyone else enjoy vics?
  2. I enjoy vics.
  3. Yeah theyre pretty sweet they still get you high without having to take the more hard opiates like oxys and all that. imo theres not really much addiction potential but thats just me. There sweet none the less.
  4. Vics just aren't strong enough for me (maybe because I tried oxy first).
  5. I should have never taken 3 1000's. My limit is somewhere around 2000, and I learned my lesson.
    Spent the entire night throwing up, curled up in a ball, wishing I had taken less. :D
  6. hahaah, yeah, one time I took 4 vics and haven't felt the same about them since. they make me puke just about every time, unless I just take 1 or if I'm lucky, 2 :x
    they are nice, though!
  7. i enjoy them too much and build up a tolerance too quick. i took 15 500s in a day before within 8 hours
  8. i just popped two. .

    trying to kill this seething nicotine demon in my brain. . .

  9. I enjoy them, but I've never really taken quite enough. I think 2 7.5 mg's is the most. It might also be cause I had an oxy scrip during chemo tho.
  10. i enjoy them but have to be careful due to the upset stomach part of it
  11. what do you mean by 1000's...from what i know about vicodin its either 5mg,7.5mg, or 10mg with varying mg's of APAP.
  12. i was like that when i took 3 norco

    fucking FUCKED up
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    12 pack.. 2 500mg(hydrocodone, vic) and the world melts away.... (you'll have to increase the dose by .5G every week you do it)

    This destroys your liver fast.. so, be careful

    *edited to fix dosage*
  14. On the street people started mistakenly referring to the 5's as 500's. Then of course, people didn't know what to call the 7.5mg and 10mg, so they are often called 750's and 1000's just to follow suit.
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    been months eh?

    is that why you jumped all down a newer members throat and said, "vics" make me bitchy"

    just curious :rolleyes:

    "Originally Posted by xcraighebert
    lol chill bro. I'll give you positive rep tomorrow, I took 4 vics before and I tend to get a little bitchy when I do them. Thats why this thread looks the way it does. hah"

    there were more but you deleted them.
  16. They also come in 2.5mg in lortab,lil pink spekles,blue=5 and green=7.5 while the 10s are big solid red(brand only).And 99% of ppl who take enough long enough WILL go through a 3-8 day detox if stopped(like the flu x5.oxi is x20 and will take 10-20 days)
  17. Theres a big difference between 1000's and 500's. You should know that by now.
  18. Hydro does dif. things to dif. ppl at dif. times and that all can change with dif. dosing,one time you may feel sleepy while others you could have more energy and others can be bitchy or a total dick.Im usually in a GREAT mood but if someone chalenges me when i know im in the right,Watch out...Thats the dick i become when on opioids but usually very giving and helpfull.
  19. umm..... yeah about 5mg`s difference but were not talking about that, were talking about the amount of months youve not had them and they had not turned you "bitchy":rolleyes:

    no body brought up the strength in milligrams of any pills, but you were right they make you a bit bitchy
  20. The only thing worse than a bitchy bitch is haveing problems with your plants,or running out of weed,or loosing the remote control......

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