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Discussion in 'General' started by Spiggums, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. I'm about to try vicodin for my first time and i was wondering how it makes you feel and if it'd be safe if im doing it in the house my parents are also in. Aslo i was going to take 1 would that be ok. And my cousin is really outta control when shes drunk does alchohol and this have any similarity. Thanks:smoking:
  2. Are you drinking/smoking too or just taking some Vicoden?

    If your just taking the vicoden, and u can manage it...take 2 :D it won't hurt ya
  3. no we r just taken the vikes
  4. I'm actually pretty high on vicodin right now. Feel so good. You'll be able to act sober, your pupils might be a little dilated though.
  5. Also, your nose will probably itch a lot too. That's a common side effect of taking vicodin, mine is itching right now too.
  6. what kinda vicodin we talkin here? wht mg hydro/apap?
    vic's never made me look bad in front of my parents when i did them in front of em yrs ago, but i never really look obvious/odd no matter what drug im taking
    ....1 wont do anything besides makes u drowsy/kill pain even if its the maxium fatty 10 mg hydro's....u need to tell us what exact pills u got so we can tell u how much to take/what to expect
    as for similar to alcohol, not in any way shape or form other than if you take a lot you gonna be messed up, of course in different ways though
  7. there called bubitol and i took one 30 mins ago and i still dont feel anything
  8. many of them have a time release coat on them, so you might not feel it for a while. if you wanna feel it faster you might wanna rail them or parachute them. you will be feelin good just dont take too many pain killers....ugh believe me thats no fun
  9. vic's are barely gona do shit. take atleast 3 to get a buzz. percs are better. i can take 2 percs and be very buzzed. 3 im drooling a little. awsome feeling. unless your smoking them :confused: i dont know why youd worry about people knowing.

    eyes get realy glossy and pupils dilate.

    adn dont drink while on any painkiller
  10. dont rail anything other the oxycodone or oxycontin. most pills have acememphatone while badly fucks your nasil lining up.
  11. ok i just parachuted a half a pill how long im sick of waiting lol
  12. Vics come in Vicodins and Hydrocodine.

    They come in differnt MG i recommed the one 500mg or 750mg Hydrocodine.. Btw they dont make you itchy, thats oxycottin(sp) that does that to people. Perc's make most ppl sick in the stomach including me... Vics/Hydrocodine is my fav :hello: feels like you ran a 3 mile race and just sat down or as if you held a piss for 4 hours and just took a leak its the bestest

    btw first post wo0t me
  13. oh, sorry bout that, ive only dealt with OCs i just assumed vics were the same, but i shoulda known what happens when you assume.
  14. They might make yer ass puke. Have you ever done any opiates before? A lot of people do not react well to Vicodin or its cousins.

  15. Umm I think 500mg of hydrocodone would kill you, you might be thinking of the amount of aspirin or tylenol or w.e else is in there. Id say about 20 mg's of hydrocodone will make you feel good.

    I just had 30 mg's of oxycodone and .. wow its amazing
  16. cool man^ i jus popped 60 mg oxycodone in the form of 12 roxicodone 5's (mg) and 2 blunts of some different kinds of good buds, im feelin fine watching some sportscenter
  17. the wouldn't dilate...they'd pinpoint

    stimulants ect dilate sedatives like benzos n opiate/opoids pinpoint your pupils to shit

    legit - lol I love those 5mg IR generics think endo pharm makes them but they taste good are cheap and you're fuzzy as fuck within 20 minutes

    time release oxy isn't that bad tho I spent my last 80mg SR 30mg IR (6 5mg) chain smoking 8 fat ass joints laced with kief with my two doggies lol needless to say I slept and slept and they ate 'n ate
  18. vics aint all their made out to be....

    some percoset or xanax for me and im good

  19. yea this is true even more so cause hydrocodone is mostly always mixed with another shitty chemical
  20. best combo ever

    2-6 mg of alprazolam
    80-160mg of dextroamphetamine
    40-160mg of oxycodone

    crush it all up into equal parts load up 2-4 00 gel capsules and pop as you please

    what you'd call a ghetto speedball
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