Vicodin and cannabis for tonight. :)

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey blades,

    I just got back from a pick-up. Got ripped off unfortunately, but at least it's decent quality. Still, it sucks. Was lead into believing I was going to get an oz for 80, comes out and tells me it's 20 grams. Expected me to just accept it, and I wasn't looking for a fight or anything so I just accepted it. I'm a just-cut-your-losses-and-move-on type of guy, so..

    Anyway, I got back to town, and a buddy of mine traded me 2 vicodins for a small bud. Sweet!

    Tonight it's looking like a chill one w/ some ps2 games.
  2. I would understand if that's your only dealer and you really want bud accepting 20 g's, but if you have other decent dealers, just straight up say no and say ur either gettin 28g's or 80 dollars, then boycott him and tell your dogs not to give em business. and if it resorts to violence, hope he's not packin heat. but yeah have fun, codone n endo, fasho
  3. ive stumbled on a huge supply of 10mg vico/ 325 acetaminophen ive been mixing that stuff up with some sprite and sippin on it instead of drinking this whole weekend
  4. dude 20 g's for $80 is a deal even if he said it was going to be a whole ounce. I don't see what's wrong with that.
  5. yeah but if you planned on picking up an ounce, you should get an ounce. skimping someone after confirming a higher amount isnt very... mature? thats like sayin u wanted 30$ of xanax worth and he offers 2 a pop and ends up charging you 2 for 5 straight up. you get 3 less then u want for the same price he promised.
  6. It was my first time through this guy. Obviously, I'm never going back to him.

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