vicks nyquil cherry flavor multi-symptom cold/flu relief

Discussion in 'General' started by overgrowray, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. i just drank a bottle of vicks nyquil cherry flavor multi-symptom cold/flu relief, will anything happen? I'm about to go to bed, i'll tell ya tomorrow if i'm still alive, hahaha, oh i should be i've done shit like this a bunch of times before, sweet cops is on tv yeah ok i'm stayin up now.

    (cherry is good, yum)
  2. well i downed it than went to bed after cops. I started to feel a slight buzz but not much so i didn't try to stay up anymore, i fell asleep for a while, but like an hour or two later i woke up because i had to throw up really bad, after a half hour of laying on the bathroom floor i went back to bed, my mom got me up a little later when she was getting ready for work and was asking me why i was throwing up blood. I don't think there was any blood, it was just cherry damn it. I told her that i drank some sick ass tasting tea, and she was like "oh ok". I really need to buy some weed, but my dad wants to wait a few weeks till we have enough to get a ounce, 8ths are costing way to fuckin much. But we never have $200 or so at one time.
  3. no offense... but why are you a mod here if you're gonna do stupid shit like that?

    Stick to cough syrups that contain ONLY dxm. Otherwise you're taking a good 30 doses of cold/flu medicine at once. Not very smart... Did that shit even have dxm in it? I mean, it's one thing taking coricidin (which is still dangerous. as in people HAVE DIED FROM IT) that contains dxm along with one other thing or whatever... But nyquil multi-symptom cold AND flu relief??? honestly....
    And it takes you a good two hours to come up on cough syrup, so drinking it right before bed is quite pointless unless you enjoy the disgusting syrup taste of vicks *shudder*.

    You must have been fiending pretty bad....
  4. ERRRR i needed to get high really bad thats all i can say. It did have dxm in it just not ONLY dxm. I have a hard time getting to sleep, i lay in bed for hours every night, i normly get to sleep around the time my parents are getting up for work. It didn't taste bad so it wasn't a problem drinking it, and it wasn't really bad throwing up because i was high from it at the time. I don't normaly do stupid shit like this, and i don't see me doing this again for a while. Ya gotta try everything once (or atleast i do).
  5. LOL ray...smooth move exlax...As long as the syrup didnt have acetomenaphin or asprin in it you should be probably threw up the other time because of another cough supressant called guaifenesin, it wont kill you, but in large amounts it will make you very sick to your stomach. Just dont die ray...I'd hate to think I wasted those poppy seeds :) ....
  6. yeah I deffinately have to try everything at least once. except dying... I just want to make it perfectly clear to everyone that drinking cough syrup that contains shit besides dxm is pretty dangerous and you can die from it.

    Anyway yeah I'm sure at some point I'll be desperate and end up doing something similar, so hey.
  7. well i went to and found out whut would kill me and i didn't see anything too harmful so i went for it. its not like i did it without finding info on it first.
  8. damn, I remember last week I got that desparate. Trust me, wasn't any fun at all. I got that nasty taste from the green flavor, argh!! But I sorta tripped cuz I feel asleep and then during my dream, I thought it was real and I thought my dad was choking me screaming at me "YOUR HIGH AGAIN, AREN'T YOU" and I was like "ITS THE VICKS, ITS THE VICKS DAMMIT!" but then I woke up and I was like, shit, that was fucked up. Oh well, Im never doing that again, that shit is sickining and the only way for vicks to get you high is for you to O.D. off that sh't, then u die.

  9. ummmm no? You'd have to drink like..... five bottles of robo max strength cough to od. And dxm isn't necessarily desperate. I've done it three times and it can be quite fun.

    Oh next time you do it have a bunch of whippits on hand. They're wonderfully intense when you're robotripping.

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