Vicarious's Grow and show from start to finish (DWC)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Vicarious, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Hello people. and welcome to my grow.

    Ill start with the basics of my system

    i will be running a 9 bucket re-circ system with control bucket/float valve and external res,,each bucket has a airstone ran off a whisper pump,i use RO water and a home brand nute solution, (i will be using superbud by dutchmaster in flower).the system runs a water chiller, as for lighting i run 1K + 400 watts in fluros for veg then 1.6ks + fluros for flower + Co2 throughout the grow,ventalation runs with my A/C hoods running whenever lights are on, then the exhaust and inlets run 30mins out of every hour after C02 bursts+ stand time at lights on then 15mins every hour at lights off, temps are a stable 77F , running a little higher (82F-84F) when the C02s stand times nearly finished.i have a heater set to a thermostat for nighttime to keep the room a stable 68F when lights off. Humidity sits on around 55%,also have a dehumidifer for flower which takes that 55 down to about 30 :).

    strains i will be running are Chronic, Big bud and Chrystal (hopefully 3 of each, only had one chronic seed left and 2 BB's so we will see. Have one BB sprouted (middle left) and the Chronic seed only just cracked in some Rockwool nearby.:eek:

    Tools i have are a trucheon and a PH pen (waterproof) PPM are currently on 500+.
    I put a touch off Ryzotonic in with my nute help the roots.

    this is my first run in this system/room so i hope you all tag along and see how it preforms..and feel welcome to ask as many or little Qs as you like and criticisms allways good too :D :D .

    OH and ive forgotten how to post fullsized pics in my thread like VB code... anyone who could jog my memory gets a prize :hello: (check my gallery for pics untill i relearn how to post them fullized here)

    peace out
  2. [i m g]Url to image[/i m g] ?
  3. Lets get rdy to grow!!! Im gonna take my seat right now....Front row bitches!!!!

  4. thank you very much swordeater! i knew it was that simple :hello: .

    so heres them pics. First ones an overview, inlet fans in left top corner (blows on ballasts),heater sits lower on the left under ballasts.there is an centrigfigual (my spelling:D ) fan that runs the A/C hood out of shot above the left of the hoods, Scrubber/exhaust sits on the right,i have rigged up the plumbing available so when i need to flush my system i just redirect the flow from the systems pump via 2 valves so the nutes are dumped directly into the drain pipe instead of to the drippers in the buckets,the ro unit's and dehumidifier's waste also drain there. [​IMG]

    Heres the chiller,control bucket and res that the oscillating fan sits on . C02 bottles just out of shot to the right. the biggeer tub is where i mix my fresh nutes before pumping into system, should mention how the control bucket works, it consists of 2 Inlets (from buckets) and a pump that pushes fluids from inlets into the chiller to drippers in buckets,this runs 24/7 also has a float valve to keep desired levels in all buckets (about 1" below netpots) the float valves connected to the res which has plain RO water. .[​IMG]

    RO unit and dehumidifier


    plants looking good i think its about day 5 (ill check maybe a phew days more)
    most plants are starting to sprout there 2nd set of leaves ...

    ppm=460 to 520

  5. Nice setup man.. IM rdy to see your budz man! Get it goin man. I cant wait..

  6. I see 2 plants in one of the buckets, you will be weeding out one of them later on correct?
  7. hi jonasblue. im going as fast as nature will allow matey :D

    Dierwolf. thats correct bud, will be transplanting the slower/least favourable one very soon, just havent had time yet, will just be putting one in a semi soiless pot with drip tray and hand water it, will be a good comparsion for growth rates compared to the DWC system,, im hoping for at least one male also for some crossing later on with the Big buds and Chronics.

    took this macro with my now fixed camera, (first shots were from a 1.3 pixel).
    im a bity sloppy with my dates. id say there at around day 7-10 from the time i dropped the beans.

    PPMs still the same, and PH 6.3


  8. Thats some serious artillary you got there +rep. Puts my set up to shame. But honestly I dont need as much in a 4x6 sealed closet. If it were me id throw in another dehumidifire, you dont want mold on your crop. it appears to be damp down there, is it?
    Also, 6.2ph is on the hi-end. Are you keeping it there? I have a chart that you might find useful or you may already know this shit. lol:cool: Peace, TBug

  9. I wish I could take shots like this. Please tell me how. And give me another shot like this of this same plant in a day or two. I will be able to see if high ph is having any affect. Do you find that RO water is better?


  10. T.Bug Thanks for stopping in "If it were me id throw in another dehumidifire, you dont want mold on your crop. it appears to be damp down there, is it?"
    Its 100% dry, pictures might just look deciving, without the Dehumidifier running, R/H sits on around 55-60% with 70% being optimal during veg, so its pretty good, and when its running it drops the R/H down to 30% ,as you know mold cant spawn in such a low atmosphere, many growers rekon anything above 50 isnt good (during flower), though if your around that mark good ventalation and a oscilating running would help.this dehumidifer could run well in a 2 bedroom unit :cool:.

    As for the pictures there macro shots of a 5 mega pixel camera. there not cheap.

    i replied in your thread about my PH ranges. ive found my best range to be 6.0-6.5
    with 6.0 being better for veg then 6.4 for flower.

    RO water kicks ass :hello: eliminates PH drift my freind. set it and forget it...(well very minimal drift) im lucky to have to adjust my PH once a week using RO where without it i was doing it daily. somthing to invest in,( $100 of ebay i belive).

    thanks for taking a look

    stay safe
  11. 6.2 isnt bad, in my last bucket i ran between 6 and 6.2 all the time (got tired of bringing it down) and i found the plant responded much better to the low 6's than the 5.5's which to me always seemed too acidic....

    Even growing vegetables in hydro they suggest 6-6.2 so thats what i went with.

    NIce picture for only a 1.3mpx keep up the good work

    just trying to finish off my soil grow and i will start 10 buckets in about 6-7 weeks
  12. ive got an RO unit for my reef tank. i think ill try it. do you have to add anything like electrlites or salts? I was just a bit worried to use RO for my grow.:confused:
  13. Why??? its just super purified water, no you dont ahve to add anything, other than the nutes you want to use if you are feeding at that time.
  14. I was under the impression plants need salts. That, and I know that I had to add electrlytes to the water for my aquairum. Not really sure why. just wha the directions said.:confused:
  15. yer DierWolfs right its pure water without all the crap in it bascially, that effects PH balance amongst otherthings. plants only need salts when they cant get it from your nutes ie nute lockout from low PH range :) .

    If youve got a RO unit , next time you flush your system use it. and you will notice the stablitly PH wise .

    well was going to post some pics , but im having more problems with my camera (long story) so wont be any untill next week some time, transplanted the double planted bucket, so i now have 4 small semi soiless pots inbewteen my 9 POT system, only ones sprouted, other 3 i planted just the other day (ones a Chronic and others BB and last Chrystal seed i had) i really hope the chronic sprouts its over 2 years old now so fingers crossed.

    went in at lights out this evening, hate it how the leaves look droopy , they look so much different from there normal "perky" selfs.... anyhoot going to get some sleep, oh and thanks for checking in DierWolf.

    stay safe
  16. Looking good so far man. Cant wait to see how it comes out!!! Those pics you take are fucking nice as hell. I need to get a camera like that..

  17. Cheers josnas bro.

    well heres an update folks (still on crappy camera) though there not too bad

    i think its about day 19 from seed,

    roots are now making there way into the water which is good, should start to see some rapid growth shortly, i ussually use fully rooted clones. allways so slow from seed. anyways heres some pics. PH=6.0 PPM=420


    enjoy and stay safe
  18. Thought id give this thread a bump, will post up some more pics next early next week, can really notice the growth rates daily once the roots have hit the water in each bucket,,each one i checked i seen healthy white roots plundging in the water.they have easily doubled in size since last pic was taken.
    For those who are saying, jesus what sized netpots is he using, they are the width of my buckets and sit flush in them belive they are 20inch .I then place a pot plants drip tray over the top to prevent light penetrating into the buckets res from the edges, they offer great support for big plants, just means you have to wash alot more hydrotron then a smaller sized netpot.

    well PPMs still around 420 and PH 6.1, they really seem to be enjoying there new setup.still building my veg/mom/clone area ,will just be using fluros for this area, and maybe put in my spare 400w switchable for when i want to do some cross breeding.

    untill next time, stay tuned and stay safe
  19. ok heres a new pic of the growth (3 days)its now day 24 since i dropped the beans into the rockwool, now the roots have established should start to see some action up top, [​IMG]

    might also see the extra plant off the left in one of the pics, that was the extra plant that i sprouted, its in a semi soiless mix, 50% potting mix,25/25%vermiculite/perlite which i have been hand watering with same soloution as the DWC's. good comparison for growth, theres not much differnce at this stage.

    stay safe.
  20. look good, Vicarious. I'm sure the plants will explode with growth once the roots make it out of those big ass net pots you made lol :] d

    did you just germinate the beans in rockwool cubes? does this work well? just direct planting in the rockwool and keeping it moist until you see sprouts? I've been thinking about what to do about germinating them before putting them in coco for next grow... I usually just sprout them in paper towels and then transplant them, but tetra was saying it might be a good idea to have them start off in something other than coco for a week or so since the coco dries out so fast... not sure what I'm going to do, but I do have a bunch of rockwool plugs around... so if that works and is easy to do I could just sprout them in the rockwool plugs and then transplant into the coco..

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