Vic + Cigs + School = spew.

Discussion in 'General' started by sysdownfall, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. So today at school I had some vicodin (and also some adderal and a couple grams of mushrooms). So My female friend and I both popped three at lunch and went out to her car. I had never smoked a cigarett until less than a week ago, but now.. I love them. And I got this girl hooked as well (not hooked as in addicted, she just likes them now too). Since we arent planning on being "smokers" we break the filters off so we get the biggest buzz possible with the least smoking. So we drove around and shared 2 cigs and went back to school.

    We were walking back in from the parking lot when the vic kicked in. We both had trouble walking. We werent like tripping or anything, just both a little dizzy. This is when my stomach started to feel upset. I walked into class about 5 minutes late and my teacher hands me the days work and tells me to sit down.

    I couldnt have been sitting in class longer than 5 minutes before my stomach got really upset. I burped twice and then threw up a little in my mouth. As I tried to swallow the little bit that was there, an entire stream flew out of my muth and onto the floor. My teacher didnt even notice. I raised my puke-covered hand and asked to go to the bathroom. I felt fine the rest of the day. What a waste of 3 vicodin :( I barely felt them after that.
  2. Hahahahahahaha
  3. Lmao, i dunno man maybe smokin those cigs may have had some wierd effect combined with the Vic, funny story none the less!
  4. I also smoke cigs like once or twice a month, the third time I smoked the whole one and smoked it like a joint (big hits, holding it in, breath afterwards) and it made me barf. Try smoking half of a cig, then you get to smoke another time, too.
  5. Yea, We smoke then Joint-style too :)

    I take vic pretty often and have never thrown up from it, so Im pretty sure it ws the cig/vic combo or just the cigs.

    The worst part was that I hadnt eaten or drank anything yet, so there wasnt even anything to throw up.
  6. breaking the filter off is rank.. if you want unfiltered, then buy unfiltered cigs or roll your own
  7. Well... there is kinda a story behind breaking the filter off.

    I would just buy lucky strikes, but I was on mushrooms when I went to buy them and I saw the new box desing on camel wides. It was like flowers and crazy shit. So I bought those :)
  8. yep im almost positive it was the cigs. when i smoke to many cigs when im on downers i will puke. especially since you dont smoke cigs alot. have you ever taken vicodin or lortabs or anything before? if not, that could be why also.
  9. you took vicodin adderal and a couple grams of shrooms before school. your fuckin crazy.
  10. sounds like a trip to me!
  11. I used to smoke cigs all the time... like.... say a pack every other day or so.... I quit on new years... anyways... my parents didn't know and would freak... so I could only smoke certain times, and sometimes that only gave me about 2 minutes, but being a minor at the time I would NEVER waste a cig... so I would always smoke the whole thing. Well... smoking a full cig in under 2 minutes can lead to some SERIOUS stomach ache, but I never threw up.. one time I went to practice and I was like, I need a minute... my coach looked at me... smelled the smoke and went "You smoked a little too fast didn't you?" and just laughed at me.... it sucks... you get like... heat flashes and stomach cramps... I also do that when its cold and I want to get back inside quick.


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