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vibrating while high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chi, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I wasn't sure if this was supposed to go into true stories or not, but I have a question to ask.

    I was at a friend's house, and we loaded up his bong, hit it. It hit me hard.
    So we were chillin', watching some Grateful Dead concert from like 3 decades ago. It was the New Year's concert.

    So then I started feeling tingly and I was vibrating. I don't mean a body buzz nor shaking like I'm on meth or anything. I was literally vibrating like a phone or somethin'. And my friend noticed it too, and he told me to stop it. I stopped myself, and pretty soon I was vibrating again. Just.. really really fast constant vibrating.

    Anyone else have that happen to you?
  2. You crazy!!

    Nah, just kidding, never happened to me though.
  3. cause u were fucking blazed out of ur mind.
  4. was your whole body vibrating or just a little part of you?....if its a little part it was prolly jsut a muscle spasm
  5. it was crazy though, it wasn't like I was imagining it though, my friend looked over at me and noticed it. :confused:

    it was the whole body vibrating, and it wasn't a spasm, but it was really constant and steady.
  6. one time i was really messed up and i came up with the genius idea of setting my phone to vibrate, putting it by my nuts, and waiting for someone to call. felt amazing....:smoke:
  7. some kids that ive smoked with, when they get stoned as hell, they do stupid shit, and do stuff weird constantly and they dont notice at first then after a while they tell someone else, then u both burst into laughter.

    somewhat what ur nnight was like??

  8. vibrating huh??? i could think of some girls that would want to sit on you then hahahaha

    oh those girls and those vibrating objects hahahahahaha
  9. Dunno, but seriously, no one ever known that to happen? Cause I've been smokin' like 3-4 years and it's only happened once.
  10. i twitch my ass off when im high. The worst time i ever twitched was 2nd period back in highschool. I wake n baked and i was on my way out the door, but we just got done watching a movie so the lights were off. I was reaching for the door and my teacher yells "Hey turn on the lights please!" and i lost it. It felt like i had a mini-epileptic seisure. I just walked out and never turned on the lights.
  11. i have only twitched a lil bit while high, its controllible for me
  12. ahh seizures, i had a friend who had that happen to him 2 years back. but i'm talkin' full out vibrations! :eek:

    i could force myself to stop it when i wanted, but it just felt so much better letting the vibrations go on.
  13. the grateful dead ( and music in general) can do that to ya

    i have had it happen to me sober, countless times high lol and i smoke alot

    sometimes ill be at a concert and i wont constantly vibrate but ill get like a chill cuz the music is the shit
  14. You have my gratitude :hello: . At least I know I'm not crazy or anythin', but seriously.. vibrations..

    Peace everybody. :wave:
  15. I have a friend who does the same thing, he just like twitches and shit to music, and some shit he'll just like freak out its funny as hell.
  16. too bad you didn't have your girlfriend around :p

    she probably would've liked to try out the human vibrator.

    hahaha, j/k man. that's wierd. i've had muscle spasms in the past while i was high in which certain muscles just keep twitching and 'vibrating.' but when you say vibrating i think i'm getting the wrong idea... i'm picturing that if i touched you i would feel like you were buzzing against my skin. hahahaha, this weed is bomb.
  17. I know what you mean- i used to twitch a lot, but recently i have kind of the same problem as you- but mine is more like constant shivering. Its not like Im cold, but I cant stop shivering, (It must be the stuff in town right now) Oh, well. All i can say is the more you think about it, the worse it will be.
  18. yes! that's more of what i'm tlaking about.. just constant vibrating/shivering. really really small movement, but definitely vibrating kind of movement. not twitching. it's crazy :smoke:
  19. oh man i wish i could vibrate!
  20. i have some back problems and i love when my back spasms when i'm high. it feels so damn good. your just sittin there all chill and your muscles are flexing in the most amazing ways :D

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