vibrating skin.

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  1. ive noticed that lately, if i get high enough, my skin vibrates. literally vibrates. i was wondering if anyone has ever had that similar feeling? not like its an issue or anything, i actually think its pretty friggin rad that my skin vibrates lol.
  2. Think your just really high or it's your muscles, not actual skin. There's been times I get so high I feel like I'm shaking so probably same thing.
  3. sometimes i get high...i start shaking like SHIVERING but its not that im cold i just do it idk why
  4. Adrenaline my friend.

    Ecstacy does that a lot man, you gotta know about it, else it makes you badtrip ^^

    You must of been flying pretty high, haha

  5. OH MY GOD YES!!! I always feel my phone vibrating in my pocket when I'm high but it's not there... so my skin is just there vibrating it's so freaky...
  6. Lol i was gonna post a thread about this yesterday. I was noticed this was happening because for some reason i was really paranoid. I was probably just the vibrations of my head and blood pressure rising through the roof. I didn't even know why I was paranoid, I enjoy it though because it makes everyhting so much more intense.
  7. I get the same thing but not just when I'm high..

    my skin feels like it's vibrating like there's an electric current running through it.
    And other people can feel it too, it's like it's buzzing
  8. yea this happens to me alot...i just lay down and enjoy it...
  9. I feel that right now... it's been consistent for the last hour or so nonstop fluctuating in intensity, but I'm not sane right now... I'm not me... I'm fucking insane...
  10. Yup, when i get high it feels like there is 150,000 people around me just poking me.
  11. its not like shivering really, it feels like somethings moving underneath my skin lol sounds like major stoned to me
  12. This happens to me too. I have been smoking 13 years not consistently. It has happens everytime I smoke tree not wax. Mines more of a tingling sensation sometimes can carry over to the next day but not as intense. I have always wondered if this happens to other people because sometime i don't like to say it out loud.
  13. you set your body to vibrate mode. just go to settings and put to normal mode. :jump:
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  14. Only when I hear an excellent band.
  15. I find if you just msg someone they usually text back but you might have to back down on this 1.
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    Haven't seen or heard of any "Crawlie" weed in many years.
    Used to be common enough that it had a name years back. Felt like ants on your skin.


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