Vibrating leaves / Someone tell me I'm not crazy

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Weedpipe, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. OK here's the scoop, few months back I was checking out some smaller veg plants and I could've sworn their little leaves were vibrating.
    I just sort of explained it off as being wind current. Then on another occasion during a completely different veg I seen it happen again.
    I was just in my veg room and lo and behold i seen it happening again, this time it was unmistakable because these plants have some very broad leaves for their size. Not all leaves were vibrating, just a couple leaves on a couple plants.

    Has anyone else ever seen this happening before?

  2. Doubt it,

    Maybe you guy's should cut down on smoking that shit...
  3. The only way to find out is by turning off any ventilation and watching.
  4. You're crazy. Smoke one
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  6. everything is vibrating...if you slow down and just observe you can see it
  7. I went to a friend house once and his plants were droopy and under watered...he watered em and we sat and smoked a few bowls and watched them straighten back up...I couldn't believe how fast it can actually watch the branches kinda 'click' into an upright's pretty cool...every few seconds the branch would twitch and move a mil or 2.

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